Apple’s IOS Vs Google’s Android OS Vs Blackberry’s Rim Vs Microsoft’s Windows Mobile

Part 1: Current Situation

Let’s start with Apple.

Apple has been a stable emblem inside the cellular industry ever seeing that it started. We’ve visible iPhones and iPads, all starting from the first-rate to exceptional satisfactory devices. Each new system has its route problems, but Apple usually performed at the ball pretty quickly. They supply high satisfactory hardware but a chunk of lackluster software in positive areas.

I’ll come up with an easy instance. The menu of your iPhone or iPad. It’s not too smooth to exchange the format of factors or to customize it, as they say. Apple has positioned up positive restrictions on what you may and cannot do with the usual software. Of direction, clever people have located a manner around this, but charging bucketloads of cash for a high exceptional product without being able to upload a non-public contact? A bit atypical if you inquire from me…

Another software program-related problem that held me again from ever buying an iPhone or an iPad is the necessity to use iTunes. iTunes is an exquisite software, do not get me incorrect. I use it on a bi-weekly foundation for my iPod. However, I predicted more from Apple concerning their iPhones and iPads. Any media you would possibly need to load on the internal reminiscence of said gadgets requires iTunes. Up to a certain degree, I will apprehend the want to use a further application.

But iTunes is so clunky to use. It’s gradual at instances. It takes a while to finish report transfers. It would not even let you preserve some authentic media formats, as they must be converted first. All in all, for me, in my view, this s a rather poor component of the otherwise high-quality merchandise. I favor getting things finished well, speedy, and hassle unfastened.

Next up, we were given Google with the Android OS.Android

Google has emerged as a household logo to everybody, even remotely related to the internet or technology. They have come in a protracted manner, but, additionally, they nevertheless have pretty an extended way to move. I’m an Android person myself (not necessarily a fanboi, although), and I like the country Android is in.

It doesn’t fill all my wishes, though. I’m a media character. None of the Android OSes, being its reliable releases or custom-designed ROM, can absolutely fulfill me. There is a mild at the top of the tunnel, I suppose; however, we will need to eagerly look ahead to see what the future holds in keep for us.

The Android OS’s biggest disadvantage is this: Gingerbread is nice for smartphones, but no longer all models will see a (legit) Gingerbread version. For tablets, Honeycomb is a fantastic piece of software, however now not all capsules get an upgrade to Honeycombs, which is meant to be THE Android OS until we get Ice Cream Sandwich to get a “unified experience from both worlds.”

In this regard, Apple is greater steady in creating a complete OS cowl that sure device’s desires and strengths. I’m pretty certain Ice Cream Sandwich (from what I’ve seen to date) makes a huge step on the right path. But there’s nevertheless work to be finished after that. But we are getting beforehand of ourselves right here; we’ll come back to Ice Cream Sandwich in a while.

This all brings us to Blackberry. Where to begin on this depend?

Blackberry has been a norm for commercial enterprise users and a truthful proportion of non-enterprise users for years. Everyone needed to personal a Blackberry to make certain a most excellent mobile enjoy on their smartphones or capsules. And Blackberry nevertheless offers a few terrific commercial enterprise functionalities on its devices. If it really works properly, that is.

I’m positive you’ve got all heard about the recent Blackberry outage, which left most (if not all) its users worldwide without electronic mail and net services for a few days. We’re now not speaking about some hundred human beings right here, oldsters; we’re talking about a GLOBAL OUTAGE of the most used offerings on a telephone or pill. After the whole thing turned into taken care of, they attempted to make up for this using giving everyone “over one hundred dollars well worth of top-rate applications for free.”

Now, let’s be honest here, how a lot of you had 3 or extra beneficial top-rated apps in that package? Basically, most of you acquire diddly squat. This means Blackberry is best made as much as the business users; if they absolutely had any use for the top rate apps, this is. All different users got left bloodless. A recent survey pointed out that 60% of cutting-edge Blackberry users will not sign up for a brand new Blackberry tool after their agreement expires. Ouch!

In a brighter world, this can not be the cease of Blackberry, nor RIM. But the equal applies to Blackberry because it does for Google: set a step on the right course, and keep pushing ahead from that factor. If you need humans to live with Blackberry or even appeal to new clients, you’ll need to get your act collectively as a substitute sooner than later.

Last, however, not least, we’ve got Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.

This ought to honestly be the darkish horse on this race, in my view. Windows Mobile has been around for some time and hasn’t accomplished any amazing successes; however, it hasn’t been placed out of enterprise through the other competition. It’s always been round, and consider me; it will likely be around for plenty longer after competition may have disappeared into obscurity.

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, or Windows Phone because it has been officially called, has been a synonym for excellent person studies (in most cases as a minimum), mixed with respectable hardware, in a consider Windows-esque environment. Windows Phone has constantly been aimed at the customers and now not necessarily at organizations than Blackberry’s RIM.

After dealing with the cancellation of development in 2004, Microsoft reorganized the Windows Mobile Group, leading to the primary, albeit meantime, Windows Mobile launch in 2009. Things did not start nicely because Windows Mobile wasn’t like-minded with any Windows Phone programs. This was to blame for the lack of sources and time.

Eventually, the OS’s naming changed to Windows Phone 7. (Sounds catchy, do not you observed?) As of this writing, Microsoft has sealed a deal with Nokia (sure, they are still around), distributing Windows Phone 7 on a brand new line of smartphones coming to an area close to you. However, the one’s specific places are nonetheless undisclosed as of now. You need to love a piece of thriller, humans!

Part 2: The future?

In my opinion, this deadly 4-manner will lead to a three-horse race, with the opposite player sitting in the seats looking on and slowly biding their masterfully skilled go back plan to the scene. I’ll explain my destiny vision of the cell world:

The top brands will remain Apple, with their iOS, and Google, with their Android OS. Both organizations appear to be heading down the same route in terms of software program development, consumer experience, and hardware upgrades. However, Apple nonetheless has a huge head start because they manage all manufacturing and improvement systems.

Android will keep on growing mobile devices’ income (now not shipped units, actual sales); however, it continues to be a bit at the back of Apple’s undisputed management of the modern-day marketplace. A twist for the management would possibly occur at some point in the future, but I wouldn’t count on it within the first years. However, slowly but progressively, we can see the market night out.


Windows Mobile can be attractive to maximum low-quit, non-technical users. They have a line of decent smartphones that are clean to use with first-rate hardware below the hood, produced by using Nokia. Not absolutely everyone wants to pay big cash for a cellphone, and maximum virtually not each person wishes all functions available on iOS or Android smartphones or drugs. Will we ever see Windows Mobile on a tablet? Only time will inform. However, it might be a clever selection on my part.

Blackberry’s RIM will, in the end, be left behind in future years if they don’t step up their sport toward both everyday purchasers and companies. They may additionally very well leave the mobile market altogether and in no way be heard from once more in this regard. Or they may surprise us all and grow to be the primary employer within the commercial enterprise. Who can tell?

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