Mechanical Pencils Are Best for Drawing and Sketching

Different tools in the market are specially designed to fulfill specific purposes. One such is mechanical pencils, which are specially designed for drawing. Perfection is a must in drawing, and using such pencils can make it possible. The demand for such pencils has increased over time, and thus one can find many options.

An artist always looks out for the best mechanical pencil for drawing to help them carry out drawing with ease. This pencil looks more like a fountain pain, but technology allows an artist to enjoy their drawing. It comes in various sizes where one can even have lead based on the required thickness.

Why opt for a mechanical pencil?

The name mechanical pencil means the working of the pencil is based on some mechanics. It has a leader inside and a casing with a knob at tp. Pressing the top knob will push the needle out, and this mechanic has given it the name “mechanical pencil.”

  • These pencils do not need to be sharpened repeatedly and thus help the artist create a quick design.
  • Precision is a must when you are drawing, and thus using a mechanical pencil helps to get the same line width every time you draw.
  • It is a refillable pencil where you can change the lead whenever you want.
  • The length does not change as it does not need to be sharpened, and thus for professionals, it works like a pro.

Mechanical Pencils

Why use a mechanical pencil for drawing manga?

Drawing or sketching is quite different from writing, as it needs detailing and perfection. The thickness of lead plays a vital role in sketching, so opting for a mechanical pencil can maintain uniformity. These pencils are available in various sizes where artists can have lead sizes accordingly. One who is drawing manga needs to show humor, and so for them, mechanical pencils and creativity can yield the best result.

There is a mechanical pencil that has shaper points, and it doesn’t get blunt. Using different mechanical pencils will help to get thinner or thicker, create manga characters, and form the story. Graph gear 1000 is one of the best mechanical pencils that can help artists to draw manga. Some of the reason why to use a mechanical pencil for drawing sketches are as follows:

The grip is essential while you are drawing or sketching characters, and so people opt for a mechanical pencil. A mechanical pencil’s gripping is quite good and does not cause blisters, just like regular pencils. If you have a balanced pencil, where weight is not too light or heavy, it becomes easy to create manga. A mechanical pencil won’t stress your hands even if you work for hours.

Artists don’t know where they need thickness or thinness, and so it is quite uncertain. One who opts for the best mechanical pencil lead for drawing can find it very useful to make manga characters. The pencils are available in different thicknesses to opt for based on their preference and the required result.

How to select the lead size for drawing?

The mechanical pencil comes in various sizes where the artist is free to select the one based on the use. But many times, they are confused regarding the lead size they need to for drawing. It is crucial to choose lead size based on a pencil’s use as it matters the most. Some of the best mechanical pencil lead size for drawing are as follows:

  • 0.3 mm

This lead size is not mainly for drawing, but some sketches require minute detailing. So, if you are the one who is looking for such detailing in drawing, opt for this.

  • 0.5 mm 

It is considered a versatile size that is suitable for outlining and even for writing. Initially, it was the most popular size, but with time it is switched to 0.7 mm as it helps to make drawing easy.

  • 0.7mm

If you are in technical drawing, this size plays a vital role. This range of lead size is considered best for sketching, especially when looking to sketch out characters. It is the most common size, and many artists opt for this lead size to complete their drawings.

There is some specific size, like 5.6 mm or 2mm, which you can select based on the type of drawing. But in all situations, a mechanical pencil can help to make drawing enjoyable along with perfection.

What is the best mechanical pencil for drawing?

Everyone might be aware of a mechanical pencil, especially artists who spend most of their time drawing in trying something creative. As said, the demand for a pencil is increased in a short period, and so it isn’t easy to look out for the best mechanical pencil.  Based on popularity and reviews, one such brand on the top in completion is pentel graph gear 1000.


  • It is made with a high-quality polymer with a balanced weight and helps to go smooth with drawings.
  • It comes with various lead size options lie 0.3mm, 0.7 mm, and even 0.9 mm that is very helpful for drawing.
  • Pentel graphed is available in 5 sizes, and each one has different colors, so while drawing, you are not confused regarding the size. Moreover, the lead size is marked by the end of the pencil.
  • This pencil comes with a clip so that it becomes easy to carry, and you can easily clip it with your shirt or pant trousers pocket.
  • It has a lead grade indicator that will help to change based on your drawing.
  • The most salient feature is the dual-action retractable. It means just pressing the pencil’s end cap will help extend, while ending the clip will make it retracted.
  • The grip of the pencil is perfect, and it helps the artist to make their drawing easy.
  • This pencil is considered the best mechanical pencil for drawing manga; it can help make settings as required.

So, no matter whether you are a beginner or a pro artist, opting for the best mechanical pencil for the drawing will help you develop a creative design. The pencil’s design, along with easily changeable lead, assists artists in drawing imaginations of paper. One can buy a mechanical pencil with various diameters so that they need to switch pencils for sketching. So, if you love drawing and working it as a hobby, opt for a mechanical pencil to make sketching more enjoyable.

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