Mobile films can also help dad and mom keep on with babies’ sleep practices

A cell program of informational videos and messages may also enhance mother and father’s adherence to safe sleep practices for toddlers, new research has discovered. The researchers examined different types of instructional interventions. The first involved nurses coaching new parents approximately secure infants’ sleep practices whilst nevertheless in the health facility. The second intervention, the cellular program, involved delivering facts through e-mails, messages, and motion pictures.

Following recommended safe sleep practices can reduce the risk of an unexpected sudden infant dying (SUID). The encouraging safe sleep practices were placing infants on their backs, not on their sides or stomachs; preserving them within the room with the mom however now not inside the same bed; keeping off gentle bedding that might strangle or suffocate infants; and the usage of pacifiers, which has been proven to lessen SIDS chance.

“We’d been looking at the prevalence of secure sleep practices for a long time, and I had been getting surely energized approximately doing a examine that takes what we recognize approximately secure sleep occurrence and checks an intervention that would assist improve the adherence to the ‘gold well known’ secure sleep practices,” stated Eve Colson, Professor at Yale School of Medicine, Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, US.

According to the look at, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, mobile movies for educating new dad and mom on safe toddler sleep practices performed charges of 92.5 according to cent for back sleeping and 85.9 in keeping with the scent for room-sharing without mattress-sharing, of the important steps towards SUID discount. These prices were a lot better than those for the group who acquired the handiest in health facility intervention on safe sleep practices.


In a scientific trial with 1,263 households, “mothers who acquired a cellular health intervention with everyday text or email messages and movies mentioned statistically notably better prices of setting their babies supine to sleep compared with mothers who obtained control interventions,” the observer stated.

The March of Mobile Video – The Payers and Players

One unmarried cell smartphone can get right of entry to the whole World Wide Web, and at the same time, video continues to proliferate the Internet. Do you see a connection right here? After conquering our on-line world, video as leisure and marketing keeps its media march into the mobile generation. Faster broadband, larger and greater colorful cell smartphone screens, and a boom in wireless Web, video, and textual content messaging are all elements contributing to a mobile video surge.

With 25 cellular phones created every second and 2 billion cell phones presently in use worldwide, the possibilities for cell video, and this reason, artistic and work opportunities for video/audio content creators, staggers the mind. The money tells all: advertisers spent $45 million on mobile advertising in 2005, $871 million in 2006, and are projected to spend $1.3 billion with the aid of 2010.

Advertisers plan to spend this “cellular money” on, you guessed it, commercials, and especially video advertisements. Mobile video ads are an area of the growing hobby. The tiniest fraction of this re-routed advertising and marketing money within the wallet of video/audio manufacturers and editors would be, on the chance of being mundane, as a substitute satisfactory, no?


Who’s Playing and Paying?

A plethora of corporations which consist of cell-phone vendors inclusive of Verizon and Sprint, net portals along with Google and Yahoo, TV networks which include MTV Networks and Comedy Central, and start-united states such as AdMob and Third Screen Media are scrambling to expand and provide mobile video for amusement in addition to advertising. Specific examples encompass; Verizon’s cell percent with YouTube to provide cellular video, MTVN’s formation of MTV Mobile Media, a brand new unit dedicated to developing the company’s mobile leisure enterprise, Fox Entertainment’s launch ultimate summertime of 2- minute by-product “mobisodes” of its famous display “24,” Anheuser-Busch’s and American Express’s release of their widespread TV ads on mobile phone video offerings, and Comedy Central’s current declaration to start airing episodes of “Lil’ Bush: Resident of the US,” an animated parody collection and first display at the beginning produced for cellular telephones by using a US TV community.

Types of Mobile Programming being Produced:

Both unique made-for-cell applications and extensions of existing TV shows are being produced for mobile video. Made-for-cellular programs encompass MTV’s popular “Sway’s Hip Hop Owner’s Manual,” CMT’s “Road Hammers,” Comedy Central’s “ClipJoint,” and VH1’s “Celebhead.” Extensions from television programming, including short clips for cell use, encompass Comedy Central’ Peabody and Emmy Award-prevailing “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”; MTV’s “Laguna Beach”; Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants”; VH1’s “Best Week Ever, “The Sopranos” and “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.” MTVN offers original animation, tune video premieres, and content material highlighting socially large problems inclusive of AIDs/HIV cognizance (MTV Networks 12/18/06). The listing of available video content for cellular telephones grows exponentially and daily.

Opportunities in Mobile Video/Audio Production:

The opportunities for video/audio content material manufacturing for the mobile generation are genuine. Contacting any manufacturing company now generating cell content material should very without problems, produce gigs for video/audio producers and editors as the call for cell content will increase. Start-up GoTV Networks Inc. As an example, it now produces 303 indicates and greater than 60 hours of programming each month for Sprint Nextel Corp, Verizon Wireless, and Cingular, and 300,000 cellular smartphone users pay $6 a month for its music, sports, and comedy programming. (Source: NY Times 12/26/06) Another instance is GoTV Mobile Television at which gives special “stations” that feed subscribers a daily digest of hip-hop way of life, university sports, climate, or soaps.

For a completely actual opportunity, visit authentic on the net, a cellular distribution business enterprise actively looking for the content material. While their economic offer for content material can be deemed a bit low, you’ll nonetheless benefit from a feeling of the ins and outs of cellular content manufacturing and distribution. A thorough search and listing of cellular content material consumers and distributors need to be carried out ASAP for gig-hungry video/ audio producers or manufacturing agencies looking to expand their shoppers. Please contact me if you’d like to take part or if you have this type of listing.

Tips for Mobile Video Production

There are several recommendations to maintain in mind whilst generating and editing content material for the mobile video. Clips must be brief, generally beneath 3 mins, to accommodate viewing “on the cross.” A cell phone shows also contain extra close-ups, tight shots, and limited movement to offer for the small screen and slower frame speed to be had. The audio has to be crisper than “regular” because of the absence of bass on cellular telephones. Text and subtitles ought to be minimal due to issues analyzing at the smaller cell phone screen.

One notion to virtually take shots on a video-cellphone before filming to test whether or not the scene is clearly a possible alternative for cell use. Delivery codecs to mobile content material providers in well-known encompass the following: File sizes 15 MB or much less as Windows Media (.Wmv); Audio Video Interleave (.Avi); QuickTime (.Mov); MPEG 1/2/4 (.Mpg, .Mpeg); 3rd Generation Partnership Project (.3GPP); Flash; DVD; Digital Video. All codecs ought to be encoded at 320 x 240 (Source: Wall Street Journal 12/04/06)

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