App that rates drivers’ behavior yields promising safety results on the road

Cell-based, totally telematics apps and hardware that degree using behaviors may be the destiny of safer road. More and more, people use this technology to enhance their own using habits, even as insurance corporations use the statistics to provide rewards and discounts to secure drivers.

One of the most outstanding businesses and one of the first on this marketplace is Cambridge cell Telematics (CMT). Co-based in 2010 by way of MIT professors Hari Balakrishnan and Sam Madden, CMT develops incentive-primarily based apps for safe riding, which are getting used worldwide, with ambitions of making drivers better and roads more secure.

Drives well, CMT’s flagship app is based on MIT studies’ years and runs within the history on a telephone, accumulating data to discover avenue types, driving smoothness, speeding, cellphone distraction, and different factors. Drivers receive a rating on a scale from 1 to 100, at the side of direction maps and development guidelines. Ratings may be used for insurance reductions and prizes while competing with friends and different international drivers.



In South Africa, a version of the app has been used for a national safe-driving contest, where tens of heaps of drivers competed for prizes. Outcomes indicated that safe use extended by greater than 30 percent throughout the competition.

“Many people blame telephones for inflicting injuries. However, we’re demonstrating the opportunity to use smartphones to make using more secure,” says Balakrishnan, MIT’s Fujitsu Professor in Electrical Engineering and pc technology.

In keeping with the arena health agency (WHO), around 1.25 million international people die in traffic injuries yearly, while somewhere between 20 and 50 million more go through nonfatal accidents. The WHO also estimates that, without movement, traffic accidents may want to grow to be the 7th leading cause of loss of life global (moving from ninth) via 2030.

Through the years, CMT has accumulated promising information on the app’s effectiveness and driver protection in wellknown. The startup has users in 8 nations and is now partnered with some of the foremost insurance businesses and service companies, together with Discovery Insure of South Africa, Desjardins coverage of Canada, Hellas Direct of Greece, and Towers Watson.

The startup has additionally developed an elective hardware component, called the DriveWell tag, which attaches to a vehicle’s windshield and augments smartphone statistics. The tag additionally offers real-time crash detection and roadside help. When the tag detects a twist of fate, it transmits facts to the telephone and then to CMT’s servers. An operator from a name center then contacts the motive force to offer help.

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