Become a ghost in Goetia, a dark Victorian adventure through madness and mystery

Goetia is a 2nd “Victorian mystery” journey that you play because of the ghost of a younger girl named Abigail, who’s haunting the deserted English village of Oakmarsh. It is a while when you consider that we are remaining heard approximately it. However, I strongly consider Mr. Sykes’ evaluation of the basis as intriguing, and so I’m pretty satisfied to look that it’s now out on Steam. I like the launch trailer, too.

Abigail’s full name is Abigail Blackwood: “The call of a manor and the circle of relatives that lived inside. A perverted and mad lineage, a clan whose final contributors devoted their lifestyles to mysticism and fanatical experiments,” the Steam description explains. Abigail’s rise from the grave comes 41 years after her demise, and even as she has no concept of what’s befallen the village in which she lived or the fate of her own family, “obviously any individual is keen on seeing me carry the veil on what took place in Oakmarsh to what brought about the downfall of Blackwood Manor.”

ghost in Goetia


Goetia may have a hundred and fifteen rooms to explore, in keeping with the trailer (Steam places it at “over 90”) unfold across 5 “extensive and numerous areas,” along with ruins, woods, caves, and the village itself. There are puzzles to resolve and secrets to discover, and as a ghost, you may stroll via walls and discover the sector, but you spot in shape. At a minimum, for me, exciting is the promise of a “modern rock” soundtrack. A spooky ghost tale backed by the musical stylings of ELP? Count number me in!

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