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Jav Leech

How to maximise tax returns through property investment

article picprobable the biggest purchase of an entire life, the experience of proudly owning a property may be taxing. assets tax has come to be a website which can’t be omitted with the aid of the consumers and traders anymore. With government’s recent stringent rules and initiatives of creating series of assets tax obligatory in each approved and unauthorised colonies in a number of cities, the implication of tax in the realty zone need to be understood by all.



On Magicbricks’ Q& A forum, consumers are elevating queries about a way to calculate the tax on assets, how a great deal they are able to on the house loan, what are the tax implications for the ones who have rented belongings, and so on Yarlesac.

To cater to our reader’s requirements, Magicbricks is setting up a Hangout consultation with Anish Sanghvi, associate – Tax and Regulatory, PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt Ltd. (p.c) and Niren Shethia, director, oblique Tax, p.c.