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Jav Leech

Apple Watch’s second year: Health apps will make it a must-have

apple watch health appThe Apple Watch started out delivery nearly three hundred and sixty five days ago. I still put on mine almost day by day—after breaking it and going via a prolonged and hard repair procedure—and locate it enormously beneficial. Is it essential for each day life? Of direction no longer. possibilities are you already own an iPhone, which has many of the same features. however you may’t put on an iPhone in your wrist, and that’s why the Apple Watch becomes a key aspect in Apple’s product lineup—even supposing it doesn’t appear to be it but.



The Apple Watch doesn’t have a “killer app,” critics say. Seeing notifications for your wrist is pleasant, and in all likelihood less impolite than checking your iPhone on every occasion it vibrates, however is that surely really worth $300 (or greater)? for lots, possibly now not. that could be why Apple hasn’t bought many watches compared to iPhones. The organisation doesn’t get away Apple Watch income in its quarterly income reviews, however KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pegged 2015 watch shipments at 10.6 million and estimates just 7.five million watches will ship this 12 months. Shipments don’t identical income, however Fluent, a patron acquisition organization, recently surveyed 2,578 randomly decided on americans and determined that simply 197 of them, or 8 percentage, owned an Apple Watch.

those facts factors are useful, though no longer precisely clinical. Fluent’s pattern length isn’t very massive, but the survey discovered that fifty six percent of Apple Watch owners use the device for fitness and fitness tracking extra than any other characteristic. this could appear apparent, because health bands are big proper now and Apple has highlighted the watch’s interest-monitoring capabilities in advert campaigns. but the Apple Watch has the potential to do so a whole lot extra than just nudge you to stand and matter your steps. once that capacity is found out, the Apple Watch may be a have to-buy.