How to claim harm if your car and assets is damaged in flood?

Due to the heavy monsoon, cities are flooded; motors are damaged at the side of land houses and homes. Can you declare harm executed on your automobile and belongings via coverage? In the aftermath of any unexpected instances, for instance, flood or flood-like situations, there is usually harmful to the vehicle frame, engine, or windshield; broken houses are also regularly visible after any natural disaster. One can declare insurance for the damages of their home and automobile if they have a complete motor and domestic insurance cover in the region. In such unforeseen instances, here is a brief manual on claiming from your insurance guidelines.
Motor insurance coverage

What is included?

The coverage businesses claim to provide insurance for any loss or damage achieved to the vehicle insured by using them; however, there are most effective a listing of calamities that the insurance agencies can cover. Cases of natural calamities for which the loss and harm of the vehicle are protected via most of the coverage groups are:

a. Fire, explosion, self-ignition, or lightning
b. Earthquake
c. Flood, typhoon, storm, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost
d. Burglary, burglary, or theft
, e. Landslide and rockslide
f. Riot and strike
g. Accident by way of external manner
h. Terrorist interest
i. Whilst in transit using avenue, rail, inland-waterway, raise, elevator or air

For situations like the recent flood that has affected so many places in India, you can report a declare under motor coverage for the auto getting washed away or damage to the engine due to heavy floods, or extreme damage to the auto body basically because of tree fall and many others. Or harm to the windshield because of some other object strike in case of earthquake, floods, arson/riots, and so forth. (unless the person is part of the mob, which has created the riots/arson).

The procedure of claiming the coverage policy

In case of herbal disasters, including floods, earthquakes, heavy rainfall, and so forth, the insured must, without delay, tell the insurance organization approximately the incident and damage that has come about. The coverage organization inspects the damages and estimates the fee of repair. “In case you get your car repaired after an unexpected occasion for your personal and without informing insurer, your claim would possibly get rejected. This is certainly because the insurer will now not be capable of trace the damage as soon as the automobile is repaired” says, Tarun Mathur, Co-Founder, and Director, Policybazaar.


The coverage groups normally mention approximately their exclusions and exceptions of their phrases and conditions. There are sure instances wherein the insurance organizations refuse to offer a supporting hand even though you would possibly have your automobile insured from them. Mostly these cases are quite common for all the coverage providers.


1. The insured has to prove that the automobile’s loss or damage came about independently and became in no manner once in a while performed; however, if the coverage corporation finds it otherwise, the business enterprise will now not make any payments for such a declaration.

2. Damage to engine whilst using through the waterlogged region. A current instance is the situation of the heavy rainfall in Mumbai, but if the character has taken an engine protector as an add-on, in that case, it will be covered.

3. Depreciation on plastic parts, tire /rubber components, and many others. Will now not be included through the coverage corporation, but if the insured has purchased a 0-depreciation add-on, which covers such damages, the coverage organization can pay.

4. Damage to electrical add-ons inside the vehicle will now not be covered unless the electric accessories fee has been brought to the insurance at the same time as taking the policy.

5. Features like assistance on the car’s spot will now not be furnished except the policy has roadside assistance as a part of the insurance.


Home coverage coverage

What is covered?

Insurance companies covering your private home coverage typically cowl damage because of natural calamities along with flood, rain, earthquake, and human-made screw-ups (like fire, terrorism, riots, and so forth.) The whole shape of the building and contents are blanketed under this state of affairs; however, the businesses have a listing of situations based on which your insurance employer will pay you

1. Flood, typhoon, cyclone
2. Fire & lightning
3. Aircraft harm
4. Riot, strike
5. Missile checking out operations
6. Burglary and theft cover

Many regulations do not cowl flood or overflow of the sea, rivers, and lakes brought on because of an earthquake. Read the policy record cautiously before buying the coverage. A home’s contents are also protected in opposition to housebreaking or robbery, including silver articles, jewelry, treasured stones, and different valuable items. However, they should store in a locked, secure region to get claims on it.

The procedure of claiming the coverage coverage

Every coverage agency has its personal time between which one has to inform about their losses, which varies between 7-15 days. But before submitting a claim, they have to in a FIR which wishes to be submitted with coverage organization. “The declare procedure after any unexpected occasion beneath home insurance is problem-free,” says Mathur. The insured desires to provide documents to reveal that the house is within the name of someone filing the claim. The coverage business enterprise inspects the harm to assets and content material and settles the declare. “However, one wishes to be cautious and have all receipts in location if something is repaired earlier than informing the insurer,” adds Mathur of Policybazaar.


A. The enterprise will now not settle claims if they find out the direct or oblique involvement of any member of the house in an attempted burglary.
B. No loss or damage will be covered by the corporation on the loss of automobiles, money, securities, deeds, bonds, certificates, files of any type, debit, or credit playing cards until it’s been previously in particular stated by way of the organization.
C. If a house is left unoccupied for more than 30 days consecutively and the insurance agency isn’t always knowledgeable approximately it, no claim can be supplied via the organization.

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