What Do I Do: WordPress or HTML?

Two Paths

There are essentially two famous processes to take when you decide to construct a website. You can go along with a static HTML internet site or a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla. If you are new to building and coping with websites, you would possibly marvel at the big difference between those two processes. They each make websites. However, there is an international difference in how you get to give up the result. Read directly to find out the difference between them and which one is, in reality, the quality for you.WordPress

HTML – CSS – JavaScript

A static HTML internet site is one that you build with HTML and CSS. The motive it is referred to as a static internet site is that nothing can exchange about the internet site or at the least no longer until you cross back and alternate the code. Up until current years, this became absolutely the only manner to make an internet site. There is not any dynamic content, nor is there any actual consumer interaction. The only thing you get is what you enter into the HTML. What does that imply? Simply position, when you are accomplished with the design and installation of the website, it’s going only to do what you asked it to. You can make beautiful websites that allow the users to study content, buy products, get admission to unfastened gives, join up for newsletters and construct your list—just approximately anything you prefer you could do with a static HTML internet site.

Though it is known as an HTML website, there are truly numerous special coding languages commonly used to construct an HTML internet site. HTML gives the shape or center; however, CSS is used to set the look and sense for the visuals and make it look pretty. You can set the dimensions, colors, fonts, backgrounds… Etc. JavaScript may be used to feature special effects to the website and even a bit of dynamic interplay with the consumer. As you can imagine, even though, in case you pick to move this route to create your internet site, you may want to recognize at least the basics of every one of the languages used.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a lot more consumer-friendly in the experience that you do not want to understand any code with a purpose to use it. CMS is more of a “drag and drop” or “factor and click on” type device. You log into the “admin” portion of the internet site and make the adjustments you preference and update. The modifications you’re making to your internet site’s advent or capability take an impact right now when you keep and replace. One of the opposite quality matters approximately CMS are the form of subject matters to be had, but we’re going to talk about that later.


Most CMS websites are referred to as Blog websites, frequently due to the truth they were firstly used for blogging and no longer an awful lot else. In recent years, CMS has emerged as so much greater and is actually one of the most widely used programs for building a website nowadays. Built the use of PHP, CMS websites have a database connected to store all of the middle and dynamic content. So all over again, the most important variations among CMS and static HTML are dynamic content (alternate it on the fly) and no coding required.

WordPress or Joomla?

This is absolutely a count of choices. Both are magnificent structures, and for the maximum component, one is as easy to use as the alternative. The largest distinction between them is that this: WordPress has been around since 2003 and may be very popular. As a result, they get a large amount of aid from other programmers regarding Plugins (we will talk approximately a minute) and search engine optimization. There are a kazillion subject matters available for WordPress, too, hence making it a trendy choice for both novices and professionals alike. Joomla has no longer been around as lengthy (2005) but has ended up very famous in its personal proper over the years. It is second best to WordPress, and with over 30 million downloads, and now with WordPress integration, it is no slouch. Both permit users to leave remarks to posts and or pages, stream new content material from resources like social media or information websites, and can add fast add new posts for your blog without having to fear approximately editing your navigation bar (it’s automated) or structuring your pages, way to built-in templates.

Pros and Cons

Static HTML: Pros – A static HTML website is straightforward to set up (in particular, in case you know code). You have complete control of the layout, appearance, and sense. HTML websites also tend to load faster because they typically have fewer files and information to download. As said in advance, a massive gain of HTML is that you have the general manager over the internet site’s appearance. You can alternate the visuals of a WordPress or Joomla site too, but you’re restricted to the number of choices or flexibility available with the theme or template you use. If you know CSS, which is a fairly simple language, then you may easily trade the way your HTML internet site appears.

Static HTML: Cons – The cons of static HTML cope with its lack of interactivity and its complicated shape with larger websites. An HTML page has simply no interactivity, and it only includes what you code. For instance, if you code a Web page with an editorial, then it is all you may get. There can be nothing else on the web page besides that article. There might be no user content material, no dynamic content material that generates even as you’re away, and the website will remain static. On the alternative hand, if your software includes a database so that users can access records, I bet in a feel you could call that a confined shape of interactivity. The equal holds with a buying cart. A consumer comes to your website to buy a service or product you provide, so inside the equal sense, they can interact along with your internet site in a confined form.

If you need to make changes to your site, like adding a new post (write a new article) or web page, you will want to create it first and then add the HTML document for your server and then alternate the navigation bar (menu) earlier than it is visible to the consumer. This takes up quite a little time, mainly if you upload one or extra pages a day. Another consideration is: If you don’t have a terrific CSS shape in location, then converting elements of your internet site can be very cumbersome. For instance, you need to exchange the background shade for all your pages to your site. If you have the heritage shade programmed with CSS and have it called out in the HTML for all the pages, then converting the color in the CSS will change the color on all of the pages for your internet site. This is big for a website that could have one hundred pages or extra. In any other case, you’ll need to trade all one hundred pages personally. As you can see, static HTML sites are smooth for the man who understands the code necessities; however, it is now not so for that character with little to no coding knowledge. Finally, search engine optimization! You will want to code all the search engine marketing into your static internet site yourself. Considering SEO is an incredibly dynamic manner, you’ll locate yourself usually having to head returned and tweak or exchange your website online for preserving it currently.

WordPress Pros – As stated in advance – you may use WordPress or Joomla; however, we will handiest confer with WordPress hereafter for comparison sake. WordPress is often considered an excellent way to set up a website because it is spotless to do and easy for novices to determine. A WordPress blog does take some time to set up; however, now, not while you remember how long it took someone to write all of the code required for an HTML site. Besides, we actually speak hours, now not days or perhaps weeks, but it would now not be out of the regular for a web developer to spend days designing a brand new internet site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Installing a WordPress weblog only takes a few minutes with maximum hosts, and adding a brand new subject matter takes even much less time, and issues are what WordPress is all approximately.


Let’s take a minute to speak approximately the topics. Themes or templates can help you alternate the appearance or experience of your internet site literally in mins. If you need a specific area of interest website, for instance, a scientific searching feels or a golfing subject matter; there are plenty to pick out from. Some are unfastened, and others you’ll need to purchase, normally referred to as Premium themes. If you need a weblog and an area for people to leave feedback, then a unfastened subject matter will likely do the trick. However, if you want an extra expert or storefront appearance with perhaps a purchasing cart or facts feed for an Amazon associate, then a top rate subject matter is the manner to go. I decide on premium themes due to the fact they generally permit for more flexibility and customization.

SEO is some other massive plus for WordPress because a lot of it’s far already constructed into this system. Whilst you set up WordPress for your server for the primary time, you immediately want to head the admin phase and entire a setup technique placed inside the settings> popular settings region. In there, you may fill in multiple fields, which can be the beginnings of the search engine marketing method. Afterward, whenever you create a web page or post, you can add your SEO and maintain all of your content material modern-day and seek engine-friendly. You could use plenty of proper plugins that may take your search engine optimization to astronomical stages.

Speaking of plugins, there are heaps of plugins that upload particular and exciting effects to your WordPress website. There are such a lot of alternatives of plugins that it will likely be impractical to attempt to point them out here, but to provide you a flavor: there are plugins for marketing, SEO, article submission, unsolicited mail safety, adding captchas, creating contact bureaucracy, e-mail campaigns and even ones to robotically backup your internet site in line with a agenda your setup. The list of plugins goes on for all time.

WordPress Cons – One of the problems with WordPress may be too many plugins. I’ve seen websites that take too long to load, and it was due to having the manner to many plugins established on the website. Only use what’s necessary. Another component to do not forget are the issues. Some are genuinely higher than others. Theme developers placed a variety of time and motion into the design. However, some builders are actually deliberating the give-up person greater than others and recognize that we need lots of customization freedom. More importantly, now, not anybody has programming abilities, making it simple to apprehend and use. All of them allow for some customization. However, others will give you extra management and the ability to make your internet site appearance the way you really want it’s. All I’m announcing is studying the critiques and doing your homework earlier than investing in a premium topic. Also, a well-designed topic will appearance easy and load fast. There are many themes to pick from, so you are sure to discover something you like.

Installing your WordPress Website

Installing a WordPress website with most hosts takes only some mins. I discovered GoDaddy to be one of the pleasant web hosts available. There are different true net website hosting companies, and I’ve used several of them. I would no longer hesitate to recommend them, but GoDaddy (for my part) has advanced customer service. I cannot say sufficient approximately an enterprise with a telephone quantity you may name and a real customer support individual (a real individual) will provide a solution and be there each time you need them. However, it’s your desire as to whichever organization you decide to use and are greater relaxed with. Now back to installing! Just log in on your internet host and comply with their instructions for putting in WordPress. Afterward, you’ll want to upload and deploy your subject matter. Once that is entire, and you acquired confirmation from the server that the internet site is lively, all this is left is to begin including content material and customizing your new internet site, and making its appearance the way you choose.

Final mind

There are primary tactics to creating a website. Static HTML is right for small sites and simple pages, or if you’re an avid programmer even bigger mission is OK. WordPress is ideal for pages that you will constantly update or for brand new ones delivered on the fly and for the man whose programming capabilities are minimal or non-existent. Both HTML or WordPress are good methods, but WordPress is regularly considered the greater perfect alternative because there may be a lot you can do along with your internet site when compared to an HTML and, more importantly, no programming capabilities required. However, bear in mind your needs, and also you need to be capable of parent out which one will find paintings satisfactory for you.

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