Report: While no new data was found on the San Bernardino iPhone, it still helped the FBI

CNN today reports that whilst the FBI did not find some thing new on the San Bernardino iPhone 5c that it unlocked without Apple’s assist, it has “produced facts the FBI didn’t have earlier than.” basically, no longer finding something new at the tool is what the FBI had to understand for you to solution some of its ultimate questions regarding the case.

due to information on the iPhone 5c – or lack thereof – the FBI is now assured that terrorist Syed Farook did now not make touch with every other plotters. specially, the FBI turned into worried approximately an 18-minute hole that it had but to fill in regarding Farook’s region after the assaults. Now, having won access to the iPhone, the FBI is extra assured that Farook and his wife acted alone of their moves.



CNN reports:

Investigators are actually more assured that terrorist Syed Farook didn’t make touch with every other plotter at some point of an 18-minute gap that the FBI said turned into missing from their time line of the attackers’ whereabouts after the mass capturing, the officials stated. The telephone has helped investigators cope with lingering problem that the 2 may additionally have help, perhaps from buddies and own family, the officials stated.
at the iPhone, the FBI did no longer locate any evidence of contacts with other ISIS supports or members with the aid of Farook, nor did they find the usage of any encrypted communicants throughout that 18-minute window. consistent with the document, the FBI views this as “valuable to the probe.”

but, as it didn’t find any “new” records on the iPhone 5c, the FBI is still left to discern out what exactly Farook changed into doing during that 18-minute gap, but the bureau is stated to be following extra leads and analyzing more records.

earlier this month it was reported that the FBI had determined not anything of “real importance” on the iPhone 5c used by Farook, which many insiders anticipated to be the case. although, it seems that the FBI doesn’t remorse going after Apple with a view to advantage get admission to to the tool as it turned into able to rule out suspicions that Farook was in communications with others after the assault.

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