El Salvador’s Attorney General Receives Death Threats

Salvadoran Attorney General Douglas Melendez affirmed on Monday that he and his family had been threatened with death unless he resigns from his function by Aug. 15.


El Salvador Gang Calls for Ending ‘War’ with Government. Speaking to a nearby television station, he said that he believes the threats originating from unidentified persons are due to his prosecution of instances related to corruption, drug gangs, and a slew of other crimes, in line with the Associated Press. While Melendez shrugged at explaining how the threats had been added or conveyed, he stated that he’s taking the “serious” and pledged to now not let them bog down his work. Street gangs have resorted to concentrated on police and squaddies as the El Salvador government has sought to crack down on those agencies.

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In January, the Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, drafted a brand new suggestion to negotiate a peace settlement with the authorities. According to the online magazine El Faro, the idea included the possible disintegration of the crook gang inside the Central American us. It is also referred to as for talks that could encompass all political events, the government, human rights corporations, and leaders of other predominant gangs operating in America’s united states: 18 Sureños and 18 Revolucionarios — each faction of the Barrio 18 gang.


The willingness for dialogue is remarkable because it proposes placing on the desk for the primary time two high issues regarding the creation of presidency-backed procedures to help gang individuals get out of crook groups and the opportunity of gangs disbanding. MS-thirteen spokespeople advised El Faro that their proposal stems from the longstanding disaster of violence in El Salvador and to quit clashes between gangs and protection forces from escalating into a complete-blown “struggle.”

The Good News About Depression

First off, despair is not “bad.” All of us human beings get to deal with melancholy. It takes place; it comes up in lifestyles. Depression isn’t always bad or wrong; it’s miles truly human. It truly is going with having an emotional frame, and it ain’t awful, and you aren’t wrong or damaged for feeling it. Depression is generally defined as feeling listless, empty, devoid of power, unhappy, deficient, terrible, and wrong. So I’m announcing that feeling terrible and feeling an unpleasant experience of “wrongness” is regularly part of melancholy, but you aren’t awful or incorrect for feeling depressed. That feeling poor, no longer OK, is a part of despair. However, you aren’t poor or not OK because you have got those feelings.

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Obviously, we all experience several signs of despair once in a while. We all sometimes experience sadly. We all feel like we don’t want to get out of bed in some instances. We all experience like we aren’t getting delighted anymore from things that gave us satisfaction. Depression is usually recognized when we have those emotions frequently and repeatedly -lasting about weeks or so. To sense sad, listless, torpid, gloomy, despondent, hopeless, downcast, and wrong is human; all of us must address those emotions. But when those emotions appear to paste around for longer than some hours, a few days, or a few weeks, depending on our perspective, we diagnose ourselves as depressed, or cross gets an analysis of depression. So melancholy is pretty extreme because it’s miles this kind of emotions we don’t want to have for a couple of minutes, let alone some weeks. One of the main features that are going with melancholy is resistance; we do not want it. This is why taking tablets to numb one’s feelings is so popular.

You aren’t terrible or incorrect for feeling depressed!

Depression is called a mental “illness” or “ailment.” Are you horrific for catching a chilly or the flu? Heck no! Just so, you aren’t horrific or incorrect for feeling the infection of despair. And, just like the flu, it feels awful, from time to time lousy, like you will die. But you aren’t “incorrect” for feeling like you’re going to die when you have the flu, and also, you actually aren’t horrific while you sense depression from depression. It takes place, and there are methods to make it leave fast! The “properly” information approximately melancholy is that it isn’t terrible, and also you are not incorrect or not okay for having it. In fact, you are the handiest “terrible” in case you do not know anything approximately it and permit it to run or smash your life. But if you could study it as gaining knowledge of enjoying, an opportunity to heal yourself and circulate forward powerfully in lifestyles, you then are ahead of the sport!

The other true information approximately melancholy is that this: it can even an exciting step on your private increase and improvement. It is an opportunity to learn plenty about yourself, how you figure, what turns you on and turns you off, how to cope with the tough feelings that come up in existence, and what you want to realize to thrive emotionally certainly. Depression can truly result in self-cognizance at a completely impactful and rewarding stage. Most of us failed to get any education about our feelings in a faculty. How to feel terrific, how to address horrific emotions, how no longer to get caught emotionally. Depression may be viewed as an opportunity to boom your emotional intelligence as you work via it. You can begin to try this by using going to your local book shop and selecting up an e-book on feelings or emotional intelligence. Many types of melancholy may be healed as you learn to work with tough feelings.

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