How to Overcome the 3 Biggest Blogging Challenges

Content creation and blogging have grown to be extraordinarily saturated. But you knew that already. As a blogger, you’ve come head to head with limitless demanding situations. Thankfully, you aren’t alone. And you mustn’t take a seat, returned, and watch your content material war.

Here are the 3 biggest blogging demanding situations and how you can conquer them.

Challenge 1: Topic Ideation / Keyword Research

There are thousands and thousands upon hundreds of thousands of bloggers, businesses, and types setting out content material on an everyday foundation. That’s tens of millions and thousands and thousands of key phrases being prominent.



Topic ideation and locating worthwhile key phrases that don’t take hundreds of DR70+ inbound links is a needle in a haystack.

Take this key-word for instance:

It’s a highly lengthy-tail; it’s the funnel’s pinnacle, a first-rate manner to bring in some organic site visitors and build brand cognizance.

But a 58 KD rating? Yikes. For 70 searches a month?

That’s 118 inbound hyperlinks to crack the top 10 for this key-word.

Worth it? Probably no longer.

The tale’s ethics is: maximum keywords are ruled already, and it’s best getting worse.

So, how do you carry in treasured visitors and locate subjects that aren’t taken? Here is how.

Solution: Stop writing key-word content material. Keyword content can be beneficial when you have the logo consciousness already.

But are humans certainly going to consider your brand over HubSpot when it comes to sales? Or Search Engine Journal (wink wink) when it comes to SEO?


They’ll see Search Engine Journal or HubSpot and assume: yeah, those folks recognize what they’re talking about. If you’re struggling to generate thoughts for subjects that aren’t already beaten to a pulp, prevent focusing so much on the key phrases.

Instead, recognition of these factors:

Take a new angle on a present subject matter.
Create your own keyword.
Develop a research study.

Taking a brand new perspective on a current subject matter allows you to stand out inside the SERPs that are manner too crowded with “xx guidelines” publish or “why XX is the excellent method.” For example, speaking about how terrific PPC is and the advantages is antique news.

PPC is excellent for X and Y and Z motives. Snooze.

Instead, capture interest using flipping the script:

This hits the proverbial interest nail right on the head.

It’s something you don’t expect to peer, driving you to click to research extra.

Creating your own key-word is similar and is a confirmed concept. Take Brian Dean of Backlinko, for example. His Skyscraper approach wasn’t a keyword, and now it gets heaps of searches each month years after it went viral:

Did you locate a way for growing conversions? ROI? CTR? Anything?

Name that unique, actionable, repeatable approach and blog approximately how you probably did it. Conduct outreach for links, percentage it, and talk on social, and you could build your personal key-word search volumes from the ground up.

Lastly, this immediately ties into the third point: growing your personal studies look. Original research is on hearth right now, and for a top motive: bloggers need the information to back up their claims, and entrepreneurs need sparkling ideas to test towards their own audiences.

Both create a winning formulation for hyperlinks, ratings, and visitors.

Challenge 2: Writing High-Quality 2,000+ Word Posts

While content duration is normally arbitrary, it’s been verified that articles close to or above 2,000 phrases generate better scores, extra hyperlinks, and extra traffic. They resolve multiple ache factors and questions with an unmarried submit, leaving no need for a person to click on back to Google.

At least, they ought to. But writing content like this regularly ends in fluffy content material and not using an actually introduced fee. Just because studies show that your content material need to be longer doesn’t imply filler is the answer. It means extra of the whole thing customers are searching out: subtopics, tutorials, courses, specific steps, and photos to show them off.

Solution: Structure your content to shape SERP go with the flow and person purpose.

There isn’t any magic quantity for word matter. Just having a web page with 2,000 words doesn’t send indicators to Google that say “gimme the scores.” Each section of content in your piece must remedy personal queries, and most of all, satisfy a person’s purpose completely. In a device like Ahrefs or SEMrush, appearance up your target word and begin compiling a define primarily based on related subjects, searches, and reason:

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