US Islam phobia leads to ‘advice’ book for Muslim travellers

Muslim travellersalmost absolutely everyone with some modern-day affairs records is aware of that Muslims and Arabs are going thru a tough phase in the u.s.a.. The consequences of such hard times are impacting those communities in various ways — including their capacity to journey and pass about freely with out being profiled or subjected to excessive scrutiny.

Hate crimes data towards minority religious and ethnic corporations indicate alarming ranges of bigotry and intolerance all through the continued election season.

specifically, the airline enterprise has verified extraordinarily prone to it, as personnel throughout the board seem keen for an excuse to kick in particular Arabs and Muslims off their planes.

remaining week, national media highlighted separate incidents related to Southwest airlines employees offloading Muslim or Arab passengers from their aircraft for ridiculous motives.



On Wednesday, a Maryland Muslim girl became ordered off the plane after asking a passenger to alternate seats together with her. The passenger agreed, however no matter Southwest’s open seating coverage for passengers, a flight attendant objected with out giving a practicable rationalization.

The Muslim passenger turned into humiliated as airport police escorted her returned to the gate. Police were informed there was no legitimate reason why she couldn’t fly. Hours later, she boarded every other flight to her destination.

In a specific incident, an Iraqi UC Berkeley scholar was removed from his flight after a fellow passenger suggested him for speaking in Arabic and saying “insh’Allah” — a not unusual phrase amongst Muslims that interprets to “God-willing”.

Southwest’s agency slogan is ironically “you are now free to move about the united states of america.” apparently not, in case you are an Arab or Muslim, is the cruel message these communities are receiving.

but, Southwest is not the most effective culprit but somehow it has become infamous in some circles because the “airline for the united states’s bigots.”

in the past 12 months, as a minimum a dozen different instances had been reported regarding diverse airlines together with United, Spirit, and others where passengers have allegedly been wrongly scrutinized and profiled before being forcefully disembarked from planes prior to takeoff.

these passengers are predominantly Muslims and Arabs, however human beings of different non secular and ethnic communities consisting of Sikhs have additionally been affected negatively.

most americans don’t keep in mind flying amongst their preferred pastimes. some are truly fearful of it. The scientific time period for this phobia is aviophobia.

consistent with the countrywide Institute of mental health, 25 percent of usa citizens experience mild to slight tension at the possibility of boarding a plane and around 20 million americans be afflicted by the potentially debilitating worry it induces. no person is proof against fear, however one traveler’s anxieties, prejudices, and phobias have to by no means intervene or violate every other vacationer’s civil rights.

the usa’s largest Muslim civil rights group has posted “recognise Your Rights” suggestions for fliers. hopefully, you received’t want it, but it’s far useful to have it handy simply in case.

Your Rights As An Airline Passenger
As a passenger in an airline, you are entitled to courteous, respectful and non-stigmatizing treatment by airliners and security employees.

It’s unlawful to carry out any stops, searches, detentions, or removals based totally on race, religion, countrywide origin, sex, or ethnicity.

in case you agree with you have been treated in a discriminatory way, you ought to:

1. Ask for the names and id variety of all men and women concerned in the incident. make certain to jot down down this information.

2. Ask to talk to a supervisor.

three. courteously ask if you have been singled out due to your name, looks, get dressed, race, ethnicity, faith, or countrywide starting place.

4. courteously ask witnesses to provide you their names and phone facts.

five. Write a assertion of information right away after the incident. make certain to encompass the flight quantity, the flight date and the call of the airline.

6. contact CAIR to document a document. in case you are leaving the usa, go away a detailed message with the statistics above at 202-488-8787 or at

furthermore, it’s miles essential to word the subsequent:

1. A customs agent has the proper to prevent, detain and seek everyone and object.

2. Screeners have the authority to behavior a similarly search of you or your luggage.

three. A pilot has the proper to refuse to fly a passenger if she or he believes the passenger is a hazard to the protection of the flight. The pilot’s choice need to be affordable and primarily based on observations, no longer stereotypes.

No-Fly list and Selectee list
people dealing with difficulties while journeying at airports, train stations or U.S. borders can be on either the no-fly or selectee listing. it’s miles very tough to determine in case you are on the sort of lists. you will be at the selectee listing in case you are unable to use the net or the airport kiosks for automatic take a look at-in and alternatively have to check in on the ticketing counter. You ought to in the end be authorized to fly.

The no-fly list, on the other hand, prohibits people from flying at all. in case you are capable of board an airplane, regardless of the questioning or screening, then you definitely are not on any no-fly listing.

Pamela W. Holloway

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