Google’s Android Oreo Was Announced Sometime Back – What Sets It Apart From Its Predecessors?

So it would help if you had begun seeing Oreo in lots of gadgets as Google expands its rollout. The maximum famous devices to carry Oreo are Google Pixel, Pixel C or Google Pixel XL, and Xiaomi. Many companies like Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HMD Global, etc., had been confirmed to update later this 12 months. The organization introduced Project Treble (for folks that don’t have Google-branded telephone) to make certain that Android Oreo replace comes with many greater devices than the preceding operating gadget.

Coming to the functions and functionality –Here is what all you could do with while the new update arrives?

Smart text selection

The text choice feature in Android Oreo is going to ‘Rock’ — as the OS will recognize to pick out all of the textual content when you try to reproduce and deal with it. The smart textual content selection feature has the capacity to the faucet on the selected textual content.
This function makes it simpler and quicker to use the tool. If it’s miles an address, it will start direction there. And if it is a phone variety, you can dial the variety immediately from the screen.

Video Multi-tasking

This isn’t totally a brand new feature but may be stated as a sophisticated model of current multi-tasking characteristics. The image-in-photograph function of Android Oreo lets users replace one display screen with the other without problems.

For instance – if you are looking at Netflix, and also you all at once bear in mind an e-mail you forgot to send, you can keep Netflix on the small window and send an e-mail at the same time. This function is top-notch on big and medium display screen phones.

You will be able to pop a video screen out of its application right into a small panel on the display screen, allowing you to use the phone at the same time as maintaining an eye on the action. You will genuinely admire the more versatility and multi-tasking blessings provided through this OS.


Android Oreo lets in the notification dots to appear above the apps that have pending notifications. This function became now not enabled in preceding variations, making it difficult to view new notifications. You can perform with an unmarried tap on the dot to get contextual menu moves.

Google added notification dots to Android Oreo apps, allowing customers to see fast what is occurring without opening the app. You can, without a doubt, swipe the notification bar and get information about the notifications you’ve got. This feature is similar to Apple’s three-D Touch enabled bubble pop-ups. A long press on the small colored circle on the top rich of the app icon will pop-up the display and display more statistics.



Users need not undergo the ache of typing records each and whenever because the ‘Autofill’ feature in Android Oreo fills the information robotically. The statistics are stuffed through the OS robotically from the app or net.
Remembering the long passwords is hard. However, it’s miles to stay safe while you are online. The previous Android OS model allowed you to apply several weird workarounds to replica and fill in your account details.

The new version of Android Oreo lets in apps sign in as the autofill vendors in the device log you in. All you want to do is select autofill company in any language and input settings. Android will request login information to shape the app every time you want.

Adaptive app icons

Google is encouraging its users to have interaction extra with app icons thru this new replacement. It is presenting developers with equipment to make the interactions a bit amusing and tasty.
The app icons ought to come alive when the users engage with them or scroll via homepage screens. It’s potentially a new characteristic, and we’re extra interested in what developers can do with it.

Great pace and overall performance

According to Google, Android Oreo will load the apps and boot double the Android Nougat velocity, ensuing in slicker operation. Google’s carried out an entire load of work beneath the good to make the faster generation of its mobile platform. This enhancement will, in all likelihood to improve the overall performance of even the reasonably-priced devices.
Google also limits the frequency of area updates in the background for better health of the device. It is two times faster than the preceding technology with the faster boot. App developers will love this selection.

Great electricity to Google Assistant

The new OS Android OS gives additional powers to Google Assistant, making it plenty more useful. Google Assistant will be open to developers, who can leverage it inside their packages. In this manner, it can be used within the software to strengthen the usability of packages in the long run. This form of innovation is needed if it is to grow to be necessary. Google ensures that Assistant grows and evolves past clever devices.

Play extra with new emoji

There is no doubt that emojis are firmly enriched in our day-to-day life. They have got their very own film, for crying out loud. Google committed itself to the ultra-modern additions of the ever-expanding emoji own family in Android Oreo. When it involves providing the customers with clean emoji, Google falls in the back of Apple. The inclusion of recent expressions will possibly delight the Homeland Generation. You can find extra than 60 new emojis. The great this is Google goes to redecorate the complete emoji catalog. So, maintain out for a clean new appearance while Android Oreo lands for your device.

Save Battery existence

The main attention of Android Oreo is battery life, pace, and protection with great manipulate over the apps. Google is shifting slowly in the path of its rival Apple’s iOS with splendid restrictions on what all you can do with the app. The regulations locations on heritage apps reduce the overall performance call for one tool, speeding up the operation. In this manner, all of the gadgets will see extra battery lifestyles once Android Oreo is mounted.
Google says that Android Oreo is a good deal smarter when it comes to permitting apps to run in the historical past, reducing the amount of energy and money they use. This leaves greater of the battery to apply in duties that you use regularly.

Keyboard navigation

The largest development in Android Oreo is keyboard navigation. Users can navigate effortlessly with a more dependable and predictable version for “arrow” and “tab” navigation. This feature allows both cease users and developers. Besides the above, Wi-Fi awareness is the brand new characteristic in Android Oreo that permits Wi-Fi gadgets to talk to every other thru an ad hoc nearby community. Google is about to feature Sony’s LDAC codec to enhance low-latency audio.

You can also see a few improvements to the digital camera app. Google is remodeling the digicam app, providing a new double-tap function to speedy 50% zoom. Android app builders consider those new functions might be a sports changer for them. Finally, no Android OS would be entire without Easter egg. However, the one we see in Android Oreo is not the maximum astonishing one we have seen to date. Go to settings and tap System -> About Phone. You will see massive Android O. Tap it time and again to get an octopus.

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