What is Composite Decking?

Should you ever choose to build a deck either to complement your outdoor pool or simply for relaxation purposes, there are various materials, styles, and finishes to consider. Apart from the normal, traditional wood used to build the deck, many other materials can be used to build the deck. One of the more popular materials that are used is known as composite decking. Because of the many benefits offered, composite decking has quickly gained popularity and has become one of today’s most common materials.

Composite decking is usually made of a combination of different materials (like wood and plastic) – this combination is then processed to give the appearance of wood. Most manufacturers will mix the components and often add a pigment (for the color) and a preservative. This mixture is heated, formed into board-shaped lengths, and finally cooled.

This results in the board of composite decking are usually heavier than wood. Added benefits mean that composite decking is resistant to rot, does not warp, does not give people splinters, and does not need to be painted, stained, or sealed. One downside is that the color of composite decking may tend to fade over time. Thus, homeowners are encouraged to keep the deck swept clean and hose it down twice a year.

Since composite decks are made of up recycled material, it does not contain any actual wood. Because of this, termites, ants, and other pests no longer pose a threat to composite decks. This way, you no longer have to worry about dealing with unwanted insects and pests, Cloud Light.

Composite Decking


These composite decks are tough and can withstand high moisture, extreme weather conditions, and other events with almost no consequences, unlike wooden decks, which will tend to warp if exposed to moisture.

Composite decking is available in a huge variety of different colors and styles, and you’ll be able to choose the perfect deck to complement the aesthetic of your home or the color that will always provide the perfect mood. If you choose a wooden deck and get it painted yourself, wooden decks require frequent staining, painting, and refinishing. However, composite decks do not require such avid maintenance – they need to be cleaned regularly and are easier to maintain.

Composite decks, however, are a little more expensive than wooden decks on the market. However, composite decks are easier to maintain, easier to repair and last longer than wooden decks. This means that you will end up saving time and money if you choose to build a composite deck.

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