How To Kill It In Vegas

Every guy dreams of a trip to Las Vegas. It might not be as trendy as it once was, but whether you take it seriously or you look at it as a little bit of a joke, there’s no denying the allure. The city is packed with entertainment of all kinds, and the old saying that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” still holds up. But beyond just checking all the boxes – gambling, fine dining, a show or two, some late night activity, etc. – how can you make the most of a visit to America’s playground?



That’s really up to you and fate. Vegas has a way of crafting your vacation for you, so in some sense, it’s almost pointless to plan too much. But here are a few tips you might not expect for how you can make this trip and do it right.

Study Up On Your Card Games

Hitting the tables in Vegas without knowing what you’re doing can actually be surprisingly overwhelming and a little embarrassing. That doesn’t mean you have to be a pro to enjoy yourself, but it helps to spend a little time studying up on your games of choice. You can generally get the hang of poker by simply playing a few rounds, either with friends or online. But if blackjack is your game, a little more might be required. Research some of the tips your dealer won’t tell you, such as when it’s best to hit or stay or how and when to double down, and you’ll be in pretty good shape. You may even be equipped to win a few bucks!


Research The Bars In Advance

Yes, Vegas can shape your vacation on its own. But it’s also an extremely dense city when it comes to bars and clubs, and that means you might want to have at least a vague idea of the venues you’re targeting. The best bars in Vegas include classic beer gardens, homages to Soviet Russia, and all kinds of other fascinating themes and styles. You’ll probably be able to tell with a few quick Google searches which ones you really want to try to see.

Take Some Dance Lessons Before You Go

Not exactly what you expect to hear when preparing for a trip to Sin City, right? Well, Vegas is full to bursting with pulsing clubs, and that means a lot of dancing. Granted, it’s a different kind of dancing than you tend to learn in a dance studio, but that doesn’t mean lessons are pointless. Particularly if this isn’t usually your cup of tea, you might want to spend a few hours learning some of the basics of moving and handling a partner. You never know who you’ll meet out on the floor, and being able to hold your own will also allow you to have more fun.

Dress To Impress

Going to Vegas doesn’t just mean packing a few nicer outfits. If you really want to get it right, it means buying a few nice outfits. If you really want to blend in with the high rollers, your old standard favorite suit probably isn’t going to cut it. Head out to do some shopping before you go, find a few trendy outfits, and get them tailored. People in this town can tell the difference, and besides that, you’ll be amazed how much cooler you’ll feel sitting at a blackjack table if you’re dressed like George Clooney.

Prepare For The Surrounding Area

We’ll finish off with an unorthodox idea that goes beyond Vegas. The truth is that this city is pretty exhausting, and it’s usually the most fun if experienced for just a few days. But that doesn’t mean you need a short vacation. Vegas happens to be near some of the most beautiful parks and regions in the country, and for that reason, you might want to plot out some broader exploration. RVs or motorhomes can be rented nearby, and while they’re not exactly the vehicles, you want to cruise down the Strip with, they can free you up to tour some of the great national parks of the American Southwest. It’s not a bad way to unwind after a few evenings among the bright lights.

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