Tips And Tricks To Help You Watch The NFL Games A Lot Better On Your Phone

It’s the NFL season kickoff, and you’ve already looked at the NFL odds. You’re planning to live-stream the games, but this year is a little different because you’ll be using your phone. Today we look at how you can use your cellphone to watch the NFL games while offering you a few tips and tricks to help make the experience a lot better.

NFL Games

How to Watch the NFL Games From Your Phone

Watching the NFL games on your phone isn’t as simple as looking at the Vegas NFL odds. For this reason, we’ve come up with a few ways to make watching the NFL games on your phone much simpler. 

  • Start with a Mobile-Friendly Website

Often when we’re looking to watch our favorite teams, the last thing on our mind is whether or not the website we’re using is mobile-friendly. There are complexities to using different websites, and for many, the issue lies with their website not being mobile-friendly. 

A website that isn’t mobile-friendly will take time to load, have glitches, and many more, making the entire experience a nightmare. Always ensure that you start with a website that works across all devices, making switching much easier. 

  • Make Sure that Your Phone is Charged Well

Aside from the streaming platform you’re using, you need to ensure that the phone you’re using to live-stream or watch the game has been charged. A well-charged phone will always operate to the best of its ability making it easier for you. 

Restarting your phone has various benefits, including clearing memory, helping apps run smoother, and many more. Restarting your phone will experience a lot less lag and issues. Also, try your best to restart your phone before watching a game. 

  • Rotate your Phone to Landscape

The screens of our phones are smaller than those on our TVs and desktops, so it’s always best to rotate your phone to a landscape position. Turning your phone this way gives you a better view of what’s happening to improve the experience. 

  • Internet Connection: Make Sure that it’s Stable

Doing anything online requires that you have a stable internet connection. Simple tasks such as looking at the NFL lines or watching the game itself require that your internet is good and stable. 

When looking for a good and stable internet connection, do your best to avoid using public WiFi. This is because it’s so much easier for people or hackers to steal your information. After all, they have access to your phone. If you do need to use public WiFi, always ensure that it’s from a trusted place. 

The internet connection can have a direct impact on your viewing experience. The more unstable the link is, the harder it will be for the game to load. Another problem could be the stability of the internet connection. The shakier the link, the more you’ll struggle to watch. Try your best to find a balance that can make things easier for you and those watching you. 

A pro tip before games is to test the connection, which can easily be done on speed checker websites. Some websites may also offer an indicator that goes from red to green to help you see exactly where your internet connection is compared to other networks. Always use a checker that makes things easier for you to understand. Millions of them are on the market, making finding the right one much easier. 


Watching the NFL games on your phone doesn’t have to be hard, especially when you know what you’re doing. There are so many different things you can do to make watching the NFL games on your phone a breeze. Always do your best to ensure that your internet connection and phone are in the best possible conduction, making watching the games much smoother..

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