Mozilla to kill Firefox smartphone operating system

The running device created using the Mozilla developer network as an open-source device didn’t gain traction in mobile devices, in line with Mozilla developer George Roter’s announcement. Via the paintings of loads of members, we made a remarkable push and created an excellent platform in Firefox OS,” he stated in a blog submit Page Papi.

“However, as we introduced in December, the situations of multiple established working systems and app ecosystems intended that we have been playing seize-up, and the situations had been not there for Mozilla to win on business smartphones.”



Roter said Mozilla has set “our plan to cease-of-lifestyles support for smartphones after the Firefox OS 2.6 release,” which means that “Firefox OS for smartphones will no longer have workforce involvement beyond can also.” In 2013, Mozilla introduced a tie-up with Spanish-based totally GeeksPhone to introduce two low-value gadgets powered using Firefox.

Firefox devices made through China’s ZTE and TCL were introduced in 2014 at a price as little as $25. Roter stated Mozilla made the selection as part of a push “to pivot from ‘Firefox OS’ to ‘linked devices'” and could be specializing in growing open-source software program for the internet of factors—a class which includes the whole lot from related vehicles to lightbulbs.

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