Brazil’s Attorney General Accuses Lula and Dilma of Leading ‘PT Gang

The Brazilian Attorney General, Rodrigo Janot, has accused former presidents, Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, along with several other leaders of the Workers’ Party, or PT, of taking an element in a criminal corporation to divert cash from the kingdom-managed oil organization, Petrobras.


Brazil: Lula’s Caravan Closes with Major Event in Maranhao. The accusations came just hours after Lula ended his “caravan of desire” around the impoverished Northeast of Brazil with a mass rally in Sao Luis’s town. Lula and his supporters have long rejected the diverse instances against him as fabrications geared toward preventing him from standing in presidential elections due to subsequent yr. Lula advised the gang at his ultimate rally that, “in the event that they assume that they simply want to do away with Lula and everything could be okay, they may be creating a massive mistake.” He said there are already hundreds of thousands who assume like Lula. “They should comprehend that Lula now represents an idea, the concept that the people can and want to live nicely,” he stated.

General news

The accusations brought with the aid of Janot relate to alleged bribes among the Workers Party-led authorities and Petrobras, with the Attorney General pronouncing that Lula headed a great deal of the operations. The prosecutors insist that Workers Party officials pocketed $475m in bribe cash. Among the alternative accused are former ministers Fazenda Antonio Palocci and Guido Mantega, Gleisi Hoffmann a Workers Party President and her husband, former communications minister Paulo Bernardo, and former Workers Party treasurers Joao Vaccari and Edinho Silva, who is the modern-day prefix of Araquara.


The accused have 15 days to respond to the accusations officially. The case will then visit the Supreme Court to decide the sprawling Car Wash corruption scandal and then to a panel of Supreme Court judges. They will decide whether to accept the accusations in full or in the element. Only then will the accused be officially charged. Alternatively, the judges ought to decide to shelve the case. A consultant of Rousseff has stated that the Attorney General has supplied no proof to aid the allegations, and Lula’s attorney has stated that the accusations are abusing the regulation to persecute the popular former President and social chief.

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