Do you say splinter, spool, spile or spell? English Dialects app tries to guess your regional accent

A new app that tries to guess your local accessory based on your pronunciation of 26 phrases and colloquialisms will help Cambridge lecturers track the motion and adjustments to English dialects in modern-day technology. Along with colleagues from the colleges of Zurich and Bern, Cambridge’s Adrian Leemann has advanced the unfastened app English Dialects (to be had on iOS and Android), asking you to pick your pronunciation of 26 distinct words earlier than guessing in which in England you’re from.

English Dialects app


The app, formally released today on the App shop and Google Play, also encourages you to make your personal recordings to help researchers decide how dialects have changed over the past 60 years. The English language app follows the group’s hugely hit apps for German-speakme Europe which gathered more than a million hits in four days on Germany’s Der Spiegel internet site. More than 80,000 downloads of the app by using German speakers in Switzerland.English Dialects app
“We want to file how English dialects have modified, spread or leveled out,” said Dr. Leemann, a researcher at Cambridge’s Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. “the primary big-scale documentation of English dialects dates 60-70 years again, when researchers have been sent out into the sector – every so often actually – to record the general public. It becomes referred to as the ‘Survey of English Dialects.’ In 313 localities across England, they documented accents and dialects over a decade, in particular of farm laborers.”

Do you are saying splinter, spool, spile, or spell? English Dialects app tries to wager your local accent.

The researchers used this ancient fabric for the dialect guessing app, which allows them to music how dialects have developed into the 21st century. “we are hoping that people in their tens of thousands will download the app and let us understand their results – which means that our future tries at mapping dialect and language trade should be a good deal more precise,” delivered Leemann. “customers also can have interaction with us using recording their personal dialect terms and this may allow us to see how the English language is evolving and shifting from place to place.”

The app asks customers how they pronounce sure phrases or which dialect term they most partner with commonly-used expressions; then produces a heat map for the in-all likelihood area of your dialect based on your solutions.
Do you assert splinter, spool, spile, or spell? English Dialects app tries to bet your regional accessory; for instance, the app asks how you would possibly say the word ‘last’ or ‘shelf,’ supplying you with various pronunciations to listen to before selecting which one maximum carefully fits your very own. Likewise, it asks questions: ‘A small piece of wood stuck underneath the pores and skin is a’ then gives solutions such as spool, spile, speel, spell, spelk, shiver, spill, sliver, splinter, or splint. The app then permits you to view which areas of America’s united states use which versions at the give-up of the quiz.

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