A Blog for Bloggers – 7 Ideas I Use When Writing My Blogs

I have been writing my weblog for just over 365 days; I write and put up a brand new weblog every different day. At times, I go through a mild touch of writer’s block; however, no longer very frequently; I actually have found that if I comply with those 7 thoughts, I can constantly increase precise content material. There are lots of blogs written about “first-class” content material, just what it defies description; I have yet to examine a definition of “nice” content that does not outline it by announcing it needs to be “satisfactory” content material.

What pleasant content is to 1 man or woman is absolutely vain to some other; to me, the phrase would not mean something out of doors of accurate spelling, precise grammar, splendid punctuation, and an excellent flowing manner. My organization is inside the self-reliance area of interest; it’s miles and smooth niche to jot down approximately as I am in a position to relate maximum lifestyle competencies to it. My managing running a blog is summed up briefly in the following 7 policies I have discovered I normally observe by instinct.

1) I write to at least one man or woman. It isn’t viable to jot down interesting articles with a purpose of being of interest to lots of people, even as making that my aim. Abraham Lincoln said it fine with his announcement, “You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the human beings all of the time.” So I don’t attempt to, as an instance, my latest blog, posted this morning, become written on the Volcano eruption within the Philippines, Mount Mayon. I spent time on the island usa from 1970-1973, I became the Navy, and the ship I changed into was known as a port in Subic Bay.

This blog turned into writing with the reminiscence of a young baby; he turned into about 10 years old, main a water buffalo down the aspect of the toll road. He had no garments on, glaringly very negative. I think about him as being 50 years antique these days. I strive to figure out the rigors and tribulations of his lifestyles’ adventure; compassion is a genuine part of my writings. He is the maximum crucial part of that blog; there are heaps of people like him within the globe; in my thoughts, all will relate to that weblog; they may be all on the net today, they may be important. I make sure to answer every remark as quickly as I am in a position; it is essential additionally.


2) I pick one word to start and build from there; I examine the whole lot, all day lengthy. In that reading, there are many subjects that hobby many humans, every one of these topics includes phrases, on occasion lots of words. Of the ones hundreds of phrases, I will select one, I will then carry out an intellectual exercise of phrase courting, many mornings while lying in the mattress, (whilst inside the no-area, no get up, no stay in mattress area) I will consider all the phrases I can relate to that one. These phrases are subject to being a part of, or the main phrase in my keyword, or most possibly my key phrase.

By going via that notion method, I also give you ideas for other blogs; now and again, the blog I meant to write takes a returned seat because of developing thoughts for blogs associated with that word that I feel I ought to write first. I by no means tackle a couple of phrases, forming one idea at a time; I am now not a multi-tasker. Much of my area of interest consists of “homesteading,” so if I chose the phrase “ice cream,” it might enable me to put in writing many blogs before I was given way to. Conjuring up key phrases creates openings for other blogs.

For instance, with the important phrase “making homemade ice cream from scratch,” it is feasible to begin collecting blogs with a blog on building a pasture on your new milk cow, which would be one blog. Some words are less difficult than others; climate screw-ups, as an example, practically write themselves, others just like the DNA of a salamander, could take several research and observe for me. Almost any word will work; it depends on your knowledge of the challenge and your willingness to take a look at it. That is the deciding element. I actually have discovered people are interested in the whole thing; if you query that, take any other look at what search words you use to discover whatever on the internet; extra than likely, thousands and thousands of websites are listed.


3) I pay no interest to the phrase be counted; that’s no longer what I’m in this for; I’m in it due to the fact I love to put in writing, examine, and think about human beings and existence in trendy. I have written a few blogs with 800 phrases, perhaps one or, I even have not written any less than I can don’t forget. I have written many blogs over 2,000 phrases, but most are inside the 1200-1800 word variety. However, I am now not tuned into phrase counting; I don’t pay any interest until I am finished.

By allowing the number of phrases to dominate my writings, I discover I do myself a disservice; if I am writing a mediocre weblog and pressure words, I actually have determined I can show it into a horrible write-up. Likewise, it’s liable to turn a great blog right into a mediocre one in an equal way. I even have never observed the other to be proper. I write until I am finished writing approximately the concern; pressured phrases appear to be just that, forced.

It’s a bit like a gambling song (I play the guitar); if a piece of track is written in “C” scale and I quit it with an “F” twine, for instance, it sounds unfinished and leaves the listener (or musician) trying it to be finished with a “C” chord or observe. That’s what is supposed by way of a performer telling band individuals to “convey it on home now.” As in this paragraph, when a topic is exhausted, it is time to visit the subsequent one; it has a natural ending. If I write extra, I will lose you.

4) I use my business’s “task statement” to orient my blog around; after all, I’m trying to inspire human beings to pay a go-to. I have always believed in a venture statement; I won’t paste and duplicate it here because it has no relevance. The enterprise’s dreams are set in a statement this is capable of drawing me again to the fundamentals of why I began a enterprise; it is the crucial stuff.

It also is a reminder of who I am, because in any case, I wrote it with my hobby and ideas about what I want to accomplish with my paintings. If you do not have a task statement, perhaps you need to, simply writing it brought a brand new attitude to the manner I reflect consideration on how I am involved in my commercial enterprise.

5) Write for human beings, no longer the search engines like google; my essential attention is continually people, in any case on the alternative facet of what I am writing in “notepad” is a person reading it; you’re what’s vital. Besides adhering to the obscure necessities of the predominant search engines, keywords, search engine optimization, and unique content material, there isn’t plenty else to do for the large guys; due diligence is going in an extended manner. I never cut and paste something; I do not even do prices; I use hyperlinks to reference an article.

I make sure to have three sources before I write my blog until I recognize the entirety approximately the challenge (boy, to be able to be the day); I made that mistake once and was called out on a chunk of fake information; it isn’t always fun. In my studying and research, I ensure the statistics I am digesting are contemporary except I am writing a ancient report which I regularly do, check the dates of the item, Most of the time, if it is older than some months it is history, I have to recognize the distinction.


6) I pay no attention to getting cash; I have the mindset if I perform due diligence and write nicely, the money will come; it always has. I do not need to present myself as acting to be grasping; it’s simpler to do than what the general public realize; my non-public belief is if a person’s complete interest in existence is cash, they may be doomed, check Facebook, greed seems to be doing them in. I even have a grandson I became running with, beginning a song blog; he wrote like two blogs and asked me when he could start being paid. (What you are questioning is my actual mind, holy cow.)

I advertise now and then, and after I do, it is perhaps one product; I do not like being the goal of a income pitch continuously, so I do not want difficult sell something; many blogs do, I don’t study them. When I do put it on the market, I use a Link; even then shouldst be a product. This is immediately associated with the sentence I wrote. For example, if I wrote a piece of writing on knot tying, I might also add a link with a notation, “This Link is to purchase 50 ft of hand-crafted natural fiber rope.” I am upfront and honest; whilst you click that Link earlier than you click on it, you are being recommended to buy something.

7) I am now not a “surprise jock” I will now not write about Politics, Religion, Abortion, Gun Rights, or get worried in any local disputes; it is simply not my nature; there may be not anything I can remedy in a 120-phrase tweet or a Facebook argument. I make no attempts at solving the arena, I even have one vote, and I use it; it is all.

That’s a precis of the way I weblog, it’s far working for me; maybe you would like to attempt a few of my ideas; I’m no longer positive how successful my approach is, it appears to be running, I advantage readers every week, it is a gradual method. I am in it for the lengthy haul; I don’t plan on ending my blogging any time quickly; I had been writing on account that I changed into in grade faculty.

I admire the time you took to examine this,

Thanks, Jacques

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