How to Use Blog Tours to Attract Your Ideal Audience

Finally, finished your manuscript and feeling achieved?

Before you break out the bubbly and start celebrating your modern-day literary success, it’s essential to start considering how you’ll get your ebook into as many hands as feasible. Because as a self-posted writer who writes for a dwelling, sturdy book sales are one of the greatest markers of success.

Ask any advertising professional, and they will tell you the same element. The easiest way to promote a particular product to as many humans as feasible is to provide it to those who want it. It seems obvious, but pretty many authors have no concept of how to connect with the individuals who could be ideal applicants to buy their e-book, also referred to as their ‘audience.’

The Key to Effective Book Promotion


An effective approach for purchasing the phrase out about an idea, someone, or even an ebook is through relentless publicity. That’s the technique of bringing attention to a topic via distributing statistics approximately that problem to a receptive target market. Think about the remaining blockbuster film you actually had to look at.

How did you discover it? Why do you need to see it? Why that movie and now not one of the many others?

Answer those questions, and you may locate that it all comes returned to 1 key-word: Publicity.

But while you do not have the promotional price range or social clout of a first-rate film manufacturer, how exactly do you promote your new ebook and get readers as excited about your providing as you had been approximately your remaining cinematic enjoy?

The answer: Blog excursions!

What is a Blog Tour?

A blog tour is absolutely a string of exposure stops at diverse properly-established blogs in your area of interest to promote yourself and your e-book. It’s pretty much like the ebook tours that many well-known authors do to sell their today’s offerings, minus the pressure of bookings, public speaking, and the grueling tour schedule that typically comes with it. There are numerous additional blessings to doing weblog excursions to launch and promote an ebook.

Blog tours assist you to unfold the phrase approximately your e-book by way of networking with established bloggers who have already got readers who would be inquisitive about your paintings. It provides leverage that could take your ebook from completely unknown to an overnight success when completed efficaciously.

Blog tours harness the viral nature of the internet, and also you generally find your promotion spreading a long way past the scope of your efforts. In other words, the content you distribute at some point of the weblog excursion has an awesome hazard of having picked up by using serps, shared thru social media, and discussed among new and present fans. Most importantly, blog tours help get readers excited about your ebook, so they may be keen to buy it on release day.

How to Use Blog Tours to Attract Ideal Readers

Now which you know what blog tours can do for you and your next book launch, it’s time to speak about a way to use them to attract your perfect target market. The most critical elements of executing an effective and effective weblog excursion are becoming properly-prepared and important.

Develop a plan for your blog tour.

For your blog tour to achieve success, you need to set goals and have hints for sporting them out. Factors that should be taken into consideration at the same time as making your blog excursion plan encompasses the period of the tour (typically 4 to 6 weeks), the varieties of blogs/bloggers you’ll be concentrated on, in addition to the desires you have for the final results of the excursion, including the range of blogs to be featured on or the variety of recent lovers you need to enroll in your mailing list.

Find blogs and bloggers to network with

Once you have advanced your plan, the following step is making a listing of blogs to target. A proper aim is to get featured on between 10 and 20 blogs throughout the span of your weblog excursion.

Do blogger outreach earlier than requesting direct promotion

It’s critical to take into account that bloggers are humans and writers similar to you. They need to recognize which you have a hobby in them out of doors or simply looking to be featured on their website. When the time comes to approach them to ask for a characteristic on their weblog, it’s best to have already a rapport evolved.

The best manner to achieve that is by doing blogger outreach numerous weeks earlier than you intend to start your e-book excursion. Give the blogger a danger to understand you using collaborating in conversations taking vicinity on their blog. Comment, proportion their content material for your social media channels, and use every possibility you need to ‘spoil-the-ice’ with the proprietor of every blog you target. This step is important, as it makes approaching each blogger for an assessment and function greater herbal and will increase the chance of an advantageous reaction.

Ask for a review and characteristics.

Once rapport is constructed and you are prepared to begin scheduling feature spots in your weblog excursion, go right in with a request to the weblog you’re targeting. Don’t be shy! While you may now not get the inexperienced mild from each unmarried blog you approach, probabilities are you may get featured by many of them. It definitely is a numbers game and about how nicely you could surely ‘schmooze’ your manner via each blog.

Have copies of your ebook available for giveaway

Have several copies of your e-book prepared to offer as giveaways to the blogger offering you and your work, as well as some greater they could supply a way to their lovers for the duration of the promotion. Knowing that there is a chance to win certainly one of your books will simply grasp readers’ eye interested in your paintings.

Keep the song of the blogs that come up with publicity

As you attain out to each blogger and they comply with characteristic your paintings on their blog, it is important to preserve tune of all of the applicable information for each opportunity. Keep a log of the call of the weblog and the weblog proprietor in addition to the date of your upcoming characteristic. Once the review and characteristics are posted, the word the URL cop with the web page for quick reference to observe up with fascinated enthusiasts.

Follow up inside the comments segment.

A vital part of conducting a hit blog tour is making a great first impact and forming lasting connections with new fanatics. One of the very best methods to do that is through replying to any feedback that comes due to your function on each blog.

Answering reader questions about yourself and your book whilst all the eyes are targeted on you is a fast and clean manner of creating your mark and giving your might-be lovers a flavor of who you definitely are, the character in the back of the pages. Taking an energetic role in promoting your books is essential to having a successful launch and to ensure that sales, opinions, and new readership preserve coming in.


So are blog tours the stop-all and be-all of e-book promotion for self-published authors? Probably not.

But used nicely, they’re truly a powerful device for garnering predominant exposure and getting your book in the front of members of your target audience fast and comparatively without problems. Give it a try so you can discover that for you, like so many different authors, weblog tours come to be a fundamental tool in your ebook advertising arsenal.

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