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Jav Leech

Huda to seek nod to cut 256 trees

article picThe widening works on sector 17-18 street were put on maintain after the woodland branch cancelled permission to reduce 256 timber on the stretch. Huda now plans to use for a clean utility of permission, with the warranty that it’s going to plant 10 times the range of bushes a good way to be felled. but, the sector 17B RWA has opposed the works and asked for a trade inside the alignment of the road.

The RWA had opposed the reducing of trees and taken the paintings to a halt in the last week of March. based on their complaint, the woodland department had cancelled the permission to cut the trees, saying that Huda has didn’t publish the control of tree plantation earlier than beginning the work.



The timber in query are on non-forest land, however blanketed under the sections four&five of the Punjab and Haryana Land safety Act 1990, that means, Huda desires to take permission from the woodland department earlier than felling those trees.

Huda’s sub-divisional engineer Vijendra Malik said they have implemented for sparkling permission to cut 256 bushes for the road widening.

“The horticulture wing will publish the control plan for plantation of 2560 bushes to be planted in opposition to slicing of 256 timber,” he said.

woodland officials said the permission turned into cancelled because Huda had failed to publish a plan on plantation of saplings. “After receiving the utility for clean permission, we can remember as consistent with the regulation,” stated a senior wooded area official.