Scrapping your antique computer

I once watched a person walk out of the returned of a neighborhood downtown business and throw a pc in a dumpster; monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all. As noticeably dignified and refined as I am, I was recognized to, on occasion, insert my entire body into big trash receptacles and rescue such discarded gadgets. It might not have been a quiet image. However, the tossed pc in some way observed its manner into the back seat of my vehicle.

One of my hobbies is collecting and restoring old computer junk, even though I’m becoming pickier as my series grows. Over the years, my garage has been transformed into a miniature laptop salvage backyard, full of beneficial components available on hand sometimes. One man’s trash is some other man’s treasure, as they say. I predicted my haul from the dumpster to offer, at satisfactory, a few beneficial elements.


Lo and behold, I plugged within the discarded computer device, driven the power button, and fired proper up. There I was, searching at an antique installation of Windows, Version 3.1. Cool! However, as I commenced to dig further into the machine and explore its packages and files, I discovered a few matters that were decidedly now not cool, consisting of an efficient version of the Quicken bookkeeping program.


“No way,” I notion, as I loaded up a random Quicken document. “Uh-oh: manner,” I muttered as I located myself observing an entire set of financial statements from the afore-noted downtown business; tax return statistics, Social Security numbers, financial institution statements, patron purchases complete with credit card numbers, the works. My question for the enterprise proprietors, whom I took place to be pals with, changed into, “Would you like me to erase the difficult force which you threw into the dumpster?”

Unlike antique cars, that you might nevertheless be able to drive around a city, beneficial computers can certainly emerge as worthless to their proprietors. Sure, the system may also nonetheless activate and paintings simply in addition to the day that it turned into bought. However, it’s now too gradual to run present-day programs and is incapable of being secured for Internet utilization, making it a bit of junk.

Throwing such junk into a dumpster, although, is not a very good idea. You may additionally have already been advised that electronics waste may be awful for the environment. In addition to that, you may be throwing away something that a person else could use.

A variety of alternatives exists for folks needing to dispose of an old computer. Remember to smooth up the tough force first, though (examine my article, “Delete Your Files For Good”). You don’t need your personal facts falling into the wrong fingers. Once you’ve sanitized the hard force, consider the subsequent:


1. Give it to someone like me. If it’s new enough, it’d still have some useable elements; I’ll add them to the salvage yard. If it’s obscure enough, I’ll make it a part of my personal antique laptop museum; I’d love to get my hands on an antique Osborne, Apple Lisa, or Commodore PET gadget. I don’t need any more Windows 95/98/2000/XP computers, though.

2. Sell it on eBay or Craigslist. I’ve unloaded a few clunkers this manner. However, eBay can be a bit of a problem. You need to develop proper shipping boxes and packing materials to guarantee that the computer arrives properly at the consumer’s doorstep. Then, you need to go to the Post Office or make arrangements for a person like UPS to pick out up your package deal. Shipping whole structures are steeply-priced. Selling locally on Craigslist is pretty easy, though.

3. Donate your antique laptop to a worthy charity. Goodwill and Salvation Army are good alternatives. However, most faculty structures are already buried under mountains of old laptop junk; they want new stuff. My favored charity, for this reason, is the American navy veterans organization referred to as AMVETS. Not best do they constitute a great cause; however, they’ll also pick out up your antique computer totally free. Contact AMVETS locally at 681-9913, or visit amvets.Org for greater records.

4. Wait for the yearly City of Norman Hazardous Waste Recycling Event at Lloyd Noble Center, and sell off your antique pc junk there. They’ll see that it’s properly disposed of.

Dave Moore has been performing laptop consulting, repairs, protection, and networking in Oklahoma because 1984. He also teaches laptop protection workshops for public and personal companies.

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