IPL is a powerful assets and can create plenty of fee for fans: Uday Shankar, Star India

The suspense around the IPL bidding rights has sooner or later come to a near. Star India has received all of the broadcasting rights for VIVO IPL beginning from the subsequent season for a sum of Rs. 16 347.50 crores and this sure is another feather in the cap for Star’s long list of broadcasting sports activities occasions, which include cricket. Uday Shankar, the CEO, Star India, expressed his gratitude at the click convention following the win. He said, “I might also like to thank the BCCI for finding us as the right accomplice and trusting us. I might also like to praise the BCCI for going for walks such an immaculately obvious technique. We believe that IPL is a potent asset and that many extra costs can be created for the fanatics and viewers thru digital and on TV. We could stay devoted and make certain that the growth of sports activities in this united states of America keeps.”

Uday Shankar then took the hot seat to answer reporters’ gift on the venue.


With the Indian Cricket group’s broadcasting rights expiring with Star through the quit of March subsequent yr, Shankar becomes requested how Star seems to method the new bidding rights and how extreme they would be about it. He stated, “Give me a spoil, we’ve got received the IPL rights, I haven’t recovered my breath yet! We have the India rights for a few months, and after that, it is for the BCCI to decide. You have visible how competitive BCCI cricket rights are. This is wherein we are with the IPL rights. You can consider the extent of competition within the next set of rights. It might now not be proper for me to touch upon that now. We have several crickets now between the IPL and ICC, and I assume we will run excellent business with it.”


On evaluating the rights earned by Sony in 2008, he changed into requested if the charge becomes a tad too high in 2017. He stated, “If it changed into slightly less, we would have now not won the rights, and that should inform you that is the proper discern. When one individual or one agency bids very surprisingly, then you may ask this query. But you have got visible that in each class it has been so competitive. This must let you know that cricket is still solid, very healthful, and really appealing on this u. S . A. It is that whoever places the cash believes within the fans of the sport and cricket lovers’ universe is still healthy. So, what changed into lower back in 2008, Cricket, India and IPL have changed a lot on account that then.”

When requested if Star changed into better placed than its competitors, Shankar chose no longer to comment on the matter using pronouncing, “It’s no longer for me to touch upon whether Star becomes first-class positioned as compared to others. You are in the enterprise of judging, and you should do this. However, as you may see from our bidding numbers, we made a completely aware call to bid for worldwide rights. We have a Television platform and a digital platform too, which we look to spread internationally. Our channels are globally disbursed, making sense for us to reflect on consideration on all the markets. I’m sure all people picked up their regions of strength and aspiration and put in their fine value there.”

BCCI has been surrounded by various controversies every so often. He felt no compulsion to comment on the Indian cricketing administrative frame’s situation and stated that he is ready to focus on broadcasting the sport. He added, “Regardless of something has occurred, India is one of the countries where while a suit happens on the floor, it is an outstanding experience. It takes place because of a collaboration of the humans on the floor and the folks that watch it on TV, and we appearance handiest at that component.”

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