5 Facebook Marketing Trends to Look Out For

 Facebook Live

Live streaming-like branding is not set aside for big brands and conveniently reprises the role as an in-house hire. Facebook Live is a good additive for prospective outreach and for creating the right content. Social engagement stems out, which is good for online marketing; customers consider real-time dialogue key during purchase.


If you are looking to capture your audience’s attention, Facebook Live is the way to go. Take it from other millennial entrepreneurs who have been using Facebook Live since 2016 to upload their videos. As a result of this, they garner 199 billion views, and with live streaming in the picture, you will make your business more immersive.

Millennial Sharing

If you are spoilt for choice between Snapchat and Instagram when you need to share content, take on Facebook. Take it from a write-up by Kevin Gallagher that details most millennials share content on the Business insider Website with Facebook. Facebook is an awesome platform you can use for marketing, even though many gen Z users and millennials might be differently opinionated on this thought.

Facebook Advertising

The millennial age has latched onto online marketing, and most of it is done on Facebook. Advertisements pop up more than once when you’re online. This millennial trend, paid ads, is a bung worth your buck as it is for many small businesses. You can join the coaster as well, and at a fee, your products are marketed, and brand awareness spread out through Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising is taking over the millennial sphere, says contently. Their recently shared data shows that 78% of marketers who use Facebook Advertising are content with how Facebook ads turn out. Marketing strategies have a traditional PPC outlook, and it doesn’t mean that it becomes your paid marketing strategy.

Facebook Influencer Prices Rising

Most companies employ the services of influential bloggers, and it has become overly popular. Getting endorsed by social media influencers is a millennial trend that you needed to get in 2018. You can pay to get your brand to be mentioned in a Facebook post, but it will turn out costly; our Social Times study uncovered this. If you are psyched to try this millennial trend, what will save you from the high marketing cost is your brand, your number of Facebook followers, and a couple of other variables. It is a good marketing trend that’ll pick up your business’s pace, but the cost is up. So if you are planning on using social media influencers in 2018, you should watch out not to be overcharged. If you are willing to take the risk, you should have a place in your budget for big promotions.

Use of Imagery

Please don’t take your eyes off the use of imagery. It is not feting out video creation. Using images is steadier because your visual image is more likely to be shared 40 times on social media channels; HubSpot can attest to this. That said, use more memes, pictures, and infographics. Looking for more such social media marketing trends? Then be sure to visit millennial Trends. The site has updated content on social media marketing and other trending topics that will add value to your business.

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