A Look Into The Life Of Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer


Charlottesville’s people are Robottip remembering the 32-12 months-old girl who died yesterday at a counter-protest following a white supremacist rally. Today, police identified her as Heather Heyer. As we cited, she became killed while a suspected white supremacist allegedly drove his automobile right into a crowd of people. Mallory Noe-Payne from member station WVTF has the tale.


At the website where Heather Heyer died, people got here all day, handing over candles, notes of sympathy, and flora. Heyer worked in Charlottesville as a paralegal. Leaving work Friday together with her buddy and co-worker Courtney Commander, they debated whether or not to visit this weekend’s rally in any respect.



In many instances, she stated that I want to cross so bad, but I don’t want to die. I’m so scared because those human beings are so extreme. And she became the handiest one that lost her existence. I experience so bad.


NOE-PAYNE: Commander says, whilst Heyer had in no way protested before, she always spoke up.

COMMANDER: Heather denounced any discrimination, not simply racism. She stood up for homosexual rights and – just anything that she felt like become incorrect, she stood for.

NOE-PAYNE: Heyer grew up just north of Charlottesville. Justin Marks first met her in high school.

JUSTIN MARKS: She had the biggest humorousness, her wit became exceptional, she may want to debate anybody under the table, and he or she had a solution for everything. She became just wide awake.

NOE-PAYNE: Back at the memorial site, Abby and Eric Carter drove an hour to supply a hand-crafted bouquet. He failed to recognize Heyer. However, he became still emotional.

ERIC CARTER: She’s everybody. We realize – I mean, the folks that are right here proper now who’re coming and riding by slowly, paying homage. This is all of us. This is America.

NOE-PAYNE: 19 different humans have been injured in the incident that killed Heyer. James Fields, the alleged motive force, has been charged with homicide and has his first look in court docket the day after. For NPR News, I’m Mallory Noe-Payne in Charlottesville.

The Importance of Joyful Work inside the Second Half of Life!

The significance of pleasing paintings

Sadly, most people no longer analyze at faculty approximately the significance of enjoying their work until someone becomes lucky to determine who taught how important it’s far. Most generally, the perception of labor to most people is the necessity to offer profits and help oneself and family. Career theories and assessment checks consciousness at the proper match but not often glad work. As a result, many humans find themselves in a profession they will be desirable at but are rarely obsessed with.

After forty, priorities trade

In the second half of lifestyles, we abruptly become deeply aware of the unlived existence, the possibilities no longer pursued, and the dangers no longer took. Many humans locate themselves chained to abusive relationships, loss of success at work, and deep angst approximately their life.

Thrive in mid-existence disaster

Despite what we may have read, the mid-lifestyles crisis is a superb and critical passage of life. Although it can be the maximum frightening degree of 1’s lifestyles whilst suddenly what seemed critical is now not significant, and new questions by no means asked earlier than take the front degree.


The questions we ignore

After forty, many questions emerge out of nowhere. We ask ourselves, “What are my lifestyles approximately? Who am I? What do I want? How Can I get there now?” Most humans pass those questions aside to address them any other day. After all, they tell themselves, “I am busy. I have responsibilities. I do not need to experience bad”.

These questions don’t leave.

If we allow ourselves, we are searching for delight, which means and clarity approximately our lives. Too often, society pressures, own family pressures, negative friends – all make it smooth to live in the secure direction, the one where deeper self-attention takes the lower back seat to truth tv indicates.

It is less difficult to keep away from new change and simply paintings

Many human beings generally tend not to make the principal trade of their lives till a crisis hits. This may be a financial disaster, a courting crisis, health crises, or just each day feeling of being stagnant like driftwood.

What we need after forty is a new suggestion.

It is simple to get caught up in the economic crisis, global violence, and the demanding situations which face us in our everyday lives. But these cannot be excused if we want to live true lives. After 40, we must create our very own be-careful call to life. We want to be our own inspiration. Only then are we able to surely make a bigger difference in the international? What evokes you? What movements you from inside? What unanswered questions remain for you? How can the high-quality of your life enhance?

It starts evolved with comfortable work.

After 40, life actions faster or at least plainly manner. Work takes up a lot of time in one’s existence that inside the 2d 1/2 of our life, the maximum vital query to ask ourselves is what can offer the pleasure that is missing, the greater kick in our steps slowed lengthy ago.

What is your Perfect Vocational Day?

I have been writing for ten years now about the importance of defining and designing the sample of your very own Perfect Vocational Day, which you can recreate inside the second half of your existence. Joyful work – this may be a part of your day if you start to vicinity your cognizance of what you need from your paintings and lifestyles.

Ask deeper questions

Who am I? What am I thankful for? How can I move toward more joy in my lifestyle? It can begin with a plan or a roadmap for the second one-half of lifestyles centered on joyful paintings. You will start to flow toward it. Of course, there are many barriers, so the general public determines that it is too hard to exchange while the popularity quo appears safer.

What do I do now?

Change what’s not operating, discard what is not beneficial, and recognition instead on the new movement, movement in the course of pleasure. Your paintings are a superb first step. Each movement will begin to build new strength, new wish, and new happiness in a renewed second half of your existence. I’ll be cheering you on as you cross.

Craig Nathanson

Craig Nathanson is the writer of “How to discover the RIGHT work throughout challenging instances: A new method of your life and work after forty” and is a coaching expert who works with people over 40.

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