Celebrity Gossip – An Interview With Entertainment News Leader Colin Drummond

Colin Drummond, the former Producer of TMZ Celebrity News, is a leader within the entertainment enterprise with widespread experience in film manufacturing, distinguished commercial enterprise connections, and a penchant and knack for shooting the everyday movements of fascinating humans in the public eye. Drummond is now CEO and founder of a lately launched enjoyment information agency dedicated to dispensing pictures, video, and humanistic news stories about politicians and celebrities inside the Washington, DC arena and worldwide.

Who makes the headlines, and the way does an enjoyment news employer provide up to the moment exclusive video and photographs of headlining politicians, celebrities, and public officials? Dorothy Dutch asked probing questions of Colin Drummond to get to the heart of the paparazzi phenomena. For the one’s people who unabashedly revel in flipping thru movie star photograph memories online or off, it can be even greater gratifying if we apprehend the world of the candid camera.

This interview consultation is geared toward the newshounds who deliver us our daily doses of unethical conduct, celeb images, gossip, information articles, and amusement information even before high-time entertainment indicates entering our living rooms. Drummond’s answers provide a stunning eye view of a global behind the candid cameras of the paparazzi.

Dorothy Dutch: Are paparazzi additionally writers or in particular just photographers?

Colin Drummond: Most are photographers or former photographers who cross on to begin their personal organizations. The paintings at a day charge (standard pay for an afternoon). This is referred to as freelancing. It’s better for them because they nevertheless very own their images or motion pictures. Most paparazzi are freelance photographers who paintings for agencies that promote their pix, and the agency takes a cut. A right organization has a strong sales group and can get snapshots on T.V. Indicates, magazines, billboards, and even inner movie advertising fabric.

DD: What qualifications should a paparazzo have?


CD: A pap has to have a viable camera device, the know-how of celebrities, know the way to take snapshots, and be able to ask outstanding questions. For a device, they want lots of camera equipment, a quick SLR digicam, some top lens (very steeply-priced), and an HD Video digital camera.

DD: Can anybody do it?

CD: Yes and No. Anyone can get fortunate and capture an extraordinary image using being within the proper area at the right time; however, doing it day after day calls for difficult paintings and determination for your craft. DD: The paparazzi are perceived as “pests” to be prevented because they may do something to get an image. Are they that horrific?

CD: Not sincerely. Those who’ve been inside the commercial enterprise for a while have proper relationships with all of the celebrities. They typically know how close they can get to someone or who they need to use their lengthy lens on.

DD: Is it really that they’ll actually initiate a subject into anger with a purpose to get an extra candid, unflattering shot, and if no longer, why do you watched the paparazzi have so disliked that fights getaway?

CD: No. Fights are generally initiated by way of overzealous bodyguards or hangers-on who, in reality, don’t understand the commercial enterprise and assume they are supporting the celebs out. There have been instances whilst bodyguards have even been fired for getting too competitive.

DD: What stars and famous people have you photographed who revel in operating with the paparazzi?

CD: Hands down, Tom Cruise, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Hugh Jackman, Larry King.

DD: Which celebrities do who want to keep away from them?

CD: Gwenyth Paltrow, Scarlett Johanson, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Cher, Barbara Streisand DD: Do politicians on the Washington scene resist photographers?

CD: No, in the beginning, politicos failed to recognize the paparazzi game in DC, but now they realize they are public figures, and considering the era has advanced, they must try to use it for their gain.

DD: Is it special following high degree political figures than miles to image movie and tv stars?

CD: Yes, they often examine you as though to invite, “Why are you taking my photo in the streets? I’m no superstar.” But these days, all politicians realize they need to be visual to attract the younger market and symbolize their districts. Some are even flattered that their ingredients are seeing them in magazines.

DD: If an organization covers a geographic region like Washington, DC, do the paparazzi follow the celebrities and politicians as they depart town or exit of u. S. A .?

CD: Not always, however, if a politician has an exquisite (warm) tale, you can wager that he or she might be tailed. The freelance photographer pays for their own transportation; however, if operating with an organization, the company will pay for airfare, food, and lodging.

DD: Are paparazzi invited to any essential activities, or should they wait around outdoor until all the celebrities enter or emerge?

CD: Some moonlight and shoot crimson carpet occasions, but the actual tough core photographers do not like these functions because they are managed situations, and the photographs are not really worth as an awful lot as candid street snapshots.

DD: I have also heard that they do not care about the legal guidelines limiting pixels to public locations. They are willing to pay the fines to get great photographs. Is this typically the case?

CD: This isn’t generally real because most realize that magazines will now not purchase pix of celebrities in confined areas. Agencies also opt to maintain their names in precise graces with the celebrities and their public family members humans, so organizations will no longer jeopardize that standing.

DD: Can you tell me about a private experience you’ve got had with a movie star that you may never forget?

Once I became operating on Paul McCartney at some stage in his large divorce scandal. As 5 other paparazzi wherein waiting outside his house in NYC, Paul just walked out, and none of the other 5 saw him depart. I observed him for about a block, after which he stopped and posed for me, thinking the ones wherein the snapshots I wanted. I allow him to stroll thru Manhattan without photographing him, and he went to have dinner.

I just waited outside, and then while he got here back outside, he said he had given me the snapshots, so why became I nonetheless following him. I stated, “Sir Paul, I am now not taking any more pics of you out of admiring. However, I am working on an undertaking for a newspaper in London, and they want to know the entirety you do these days”. He began guffawing and asked me what newspaper it turned into, and I told him it turned into The Daily Mail, and he laughed again.

DD: Is there opposition from the general public (with all of the virtual cameras) submitting amazing photographs to various guides?

CD: Of direction, however, the distinction is, the general public does now not constantly recognize while or have the endurance to take the simply first-rate shot. Sometimes you need to let the superstar do something which the public is waiting to peer. For example, a brand new couple is rumored to be dating, but they maintain denying it, and most of the people see them within the streets out and about. An exceptional picture of them might be taken if the photographer knows to wait until they hold hands or even kiss. Big Money Shot!

DD: Do you’ve got a group of writers to contain the information with the superstar images?

CD: Yes, we have a few writers and attempt to group up until our writers within their strengths. One would possibly love track and will write on all of the musical artists. Another may love lady fashions and get that tale, but most of all, every person is a celeb and political information clued.

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