Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore insists the simplest VIP in sports activities ministry have to be a sportsperson


Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore has no longer forgotten the days whilst he might take permission to enter the ministry premises and right now after taking price as sports minister, he mentioned the philosophy of his new workplace — respect and facilities.

Insisting that he has a completely honest idea of what hardships the players face, the 47-12 months-antique Olympic medallist stated he could paintings with the purpose of creating surroundings as a way to make athletes the primary and fundamental priority.

File image of Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. Image courtesy: Twitter @Ra_THORe
File picture of Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. Image courtesy: Twitter @Ra_THORe
“My journey of coming to this ministry began at the reception downstairs (a few years ago). I nevertheless don’t forget how you have to take permission on paper to enter, all of it started out then. So I understand as a participant what hardships you need to face,” Rathore said after taking rate.


“But I additionally agree with that there are lots of green officers in this ministry due to whom, I and many others got help. So the goal is to have more such officers and create a surroundings wherein sportspersons come first and the primary citizen of this u. S . Is a sportsperson.”


Rathore said he turned into determined to result in an exchange in sports management.

“The philosophy of this ministry could be ‘Samman & Sudha’ (Respect and luxury). Respect for every athlete and centers for each player who is representing the united states.

“The surroundings and mindset in this ministry wish to alternate. There is most effective one VIP and this is the sportsperson and no one else. This attitudinal shift is needed.”



Listing out his priorities, Rathore said making existence smooth for the athletes could be his cognizance.

“I will pick out up what schemes are being run and the way can we improve those schemes. How are we able to improve transport and the way can we enhance the control within diverse institutions we’ve created. How smooth it turns into for a sportsperson to come to the sports activities ministry or send his request and get it done.

“This ministry has to work 24X7 for the sportsman due to the fact whilst he’s getting ready each unmarried day of the week and of the month and a year so we should see how great we are able to provide that carrier. This is a career ministry and we offer carrier to the sportsman,” he said.

Rathore, an MP from Rajasthan, additionally indicated that he’s going to work with a team of his preference.

“Running any institution requires a combination of experience, in terms of game, and control. I could look for people who are proper managers and have the heart of a sportsman.”


An experience of euphoria gripped the sports activities fraternity with the news of Rathore, the 2004 Athens Games silver medallist, turning into the brand new sports minister, with main athletes of the united states of America welcoming the circulate.

“I need to thank the high minister and the human beings who have expressed a whole lot of love for me for taking charge of the sports activities ministry. It’s a big duty. I agree with that Indians, especially the youth, are capable of acting well on the world stage be it sports or some other discipline.

When told that he’s carrying a big burden of expectations as India has continually desired a sportsperson to be at the helm of affairs, Rathore stated he would do his high-quality.

“Expectations are from the day once I confronted the primary assignment as a sportsperson but an athlete does not worry defeat. I will make each of that starting which gamers and Indian game calls for. I might not step back whether or not I win or lose and want the guide of all to make an alternate.

“Education isn’t confined to simply faculty and schools. Sport isn’t always for simple amusement. The kind of leadership and training you get hold of on sports fields allows in mastering a way to lead life. And so that it will be the purpose, to provide youngsters a platform.”

When requested if his tenure would see the implementation of Sports Code and Sports Fraud Bill, he said, “In game, an essential hyperlink is of fans and the lovers say their (sports activities) icons must no longer motel to dishonest to win. Anything that offers primacy to fans and gamers, can be looked after.

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