Be positive to go to IGN Tech for all of the modern-day comprehensive arms-on critiques and first-class-of roundups. If you click on this sort of hyperlink to buy the product, IGN may also get a percentage of the sale. For greater, examine our Terms of Use. Even though PC game enthusiasts (successfully) worship at the altar of the mouse and keyboard for positive driving, flying, and 3rd individual video games, it’s far desirable to apply a controller. And of direction, controllers are also continuing a safe selection for Comfy Couch Gaming(TM) while a gaming PC is plugged into your TV. What’s greater, not like on consoles, PC controllers do not need to agree to a specific fashion or design, so choosing the proper controller relies upon what you’re using it for. Some are loaded with customizable buttons, even as others keep on with a less difficult layout, and like any PC accent, there are quite a few alternatives in a standard. If you’re on the lookout for a brand new PC gaming controller, here are 5 solid selections to get you began.

Xbox One controllers it on AmazonSee it on Best Buy

61Ylc5Hx5DL._SL1254_Before we get into any of the options, we, of course, need to mention that Microsoft’s widespread Xbox One controller is completely PC well suited and is always a superb choice.
Razer WildcatSee it on Amazon.


The Razer Wildcat is a top-notch alternative since it works with both PC and Xbox, so it’s a two-in-one buy. It offers a sturdy construct. This is grippy and made with first-rate substances, and its 4 programmable buttons open up several alternatives for personalization. The icing on the cake is its smooth manage panel with audio and profile shortcuts.


Steam controllers it on AmazonSee it on Steam

The Steam Controller is without a doubt particular and changed into constructed with greater functionality to offer you extra control over how you play PC video games. All the controls are customizable, and it capabilities dual trackpads, haptic remarks, and you can even percentage your mappings with the Steam community or browse for one that may match for you. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea manifestly. However, it can be a great controller for certain.

ZD W-Pro 2.4GHzSee it on Amazon

Suppose you want a stable, fundamental controller, then the ZD W-PRO is worth a glance. It has a piece of aptitude with a light-up blue light, and it supports the vibration feature for games that want to jolt you with a little strength. The ZD W-PRO features a comfy design and crosshair arrows atop the joysticks to maintain your thumbs from slipping.
Nvidia Shield Wireless ControllerSee it on AmazonSee it on Best Buy.


The trendy model of the Nvidia Shield functions a new controller, and it’s additionally a first-rate choice for PC gaming. The Nvidia Shield controller is nicely made and consists of an inner microphone (more often than not positioned there for Google Assistant voice instructions at the Shield). It additionally has a 3.5mm headphone jack for stereo sound and voice enter, making it a great choice for a stable PC controller.

Razer ServalSee it on AmazonSee it on Best Buy.

If Razer’s Wildcat is a piece an awful lot, the Serval may be just the right choice for giving you a stable controller without going overboard on the customization. It’s built for an ergonomic experience and has a button scheme regular with Xbox and PC systems. However, it’s additionally compliant with Android devices and springs with a game clip if you want to p.C. It up in the course of your next ride.

The Latest Logitech Game Controllers

Logitech game controllers are at the slicing fringe of the gaming generation, and that they can help you enjoy extraordinary video games in particular models. You can truly get a true lifestyle experience whilst using an interactive online game controller rather than the same old and old skool video game controllers where all you may do is press buttons.

Types of Logitech Video Game Controllers

There are Logitech video game controllers for all types of games. Here are some of the most popular and maximum widely used for expanding gaming structures: o Saitek X52 Flight Control System: The Saitek X52 Flight Control System comes entirely with two separate portions, the stick, and the throttle. With extra buttons on each, you could completely ignore your keyboard as you play your preferred aviation game on the PC. The X52 functions a progressive throttle with tension adjustment, and the Flight Control System comes with Multi-Function Display capacity so that you can fast check the way you programmed the instructions. The Saitek X52 also has illuminated lighting fixtures, so regardless of what time it’s far, you could revel in your favorite games. The Saitek X52 Flight Control System retails for approximately $100-$150 and is compatible with PC working structures, such as Windows Vista.

O Saitek Cyborg Evo Wireless PC Flight Stick – PS30: This all in one joystick is wi-fi so you can sit down for your favorite spot and still have all the control you need to carry out at your excellent. With simply one AA battery, you could revel in 50 hours of gameplay, and with a 30-meter variety, you could play from everywhere you want, and you’ll by no means lose your sign inside the warmth of warfare. The Cyborg Evo is like-minded with Windows XP and Windows Vista and can be purchased within the range of $75. O Cordless Rumblepad 2 with Vibration Feedback: This is one of the excellent reasons video game controllers on your pc gaming and is functional with each PC and Mac. This wi-fi controller has a battery life of over one hundred hours and has a dual vibration device that permits you to surely feel all the jolts and bangs of the game you’re playing, whether or not you are taking pictures of a gun or snowboarding down a mountain.

The Cordless Rumblepad 2 sells for about $forty and, as cited, works with both the PC and the Mac, leaving the door extensive open to hold on gaming when you have unique forms of computer systems at unique places or ever determine to switch. O MOMO Force Feedback Racing Wheel: This is probably one of the maximum thrilling online game controllers ever produced. The steering wheel, designed to be as true as viable, puts you into the motive force’s seat of your favorite racing games, literally. But you don’t just get to turn the steering wheel; you get intense Force Feedback so that you feel all the bumps, fender benders, and crashes. The device additionally capabilities programmable buttons that can help you have the game manipulate you are looking for and actual gas and brake pedals, alongside a paddle shifter. This Logitech video game controller is to be used on the PC and retails at approximately $100.

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