How to set network connection priority on a Mac

With extraordinary networking options to be had—ethernet, Wi-Fi, iPhone tethering, etc.—you can discover yourself in a situation in which you want your Mac to choose one sort of connection over any other mechanically. A Macworld reader unearths themselves in that genuine state of affairs. I’d like to connect with my grandma’s Wi-Fi connection to use her printer. However, her internet connection is as slow as molasses, so I need to concurrently use my iPhone’s tethering capability (thru USB or Bluetooth, of direction) to browse the internet. macOS does permit you to prioritize network connections so that you can choose which adapter receives used first when your system tries to connect with the local network and internet-related resources.

  • Open the Network system choice pane.
  • Click the Settings (gear) icon at the bottom of the adapter listing.
  • Select Set Service Order.
  • Drag the items around in your selected order.
  • Click OK.
  • Mac911 prioritize network cons IDG.

You can drag your available community connections into the order you want macOS to use them.
In the case of the reader’s question, the iPhone tethering object must be positioned above the Wi-Fi item. This must hold the capacity to get entry to regionally available assets, like the printer.


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In this case, to reap the great feasible pace without any monkeying around, disable Wi-Fi completely except the printer is needed. You can use the Wi-Fi machine menu and choose Turn Wi-Fi Off until you need to print. Or, you can create an area through the Network choice:

  • Click the Location pop-up menu at the top of the page.
  • Choose Edit Locations.
  • Click + to add a place.
  • Click OK.

Choose that new location from the Location menu. Make adjustments, including disabling Wi-Fi (pick Wi-Fi in the adapters list, click on the equipment, and choose Make Service Inactive). Click Apply. Repeat for as many distinct forms of community setups as you want. You would possibly name one “Cell Only” and another “Grandma Plus Cell.”



You can, without problems, transfer among locations from the  > Locations menu to be had throughout the device.

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We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked maximum frequently at the side of answers and hyperlinks to columns: study our incredible FAQ to peer if your query is blanketed. If now not, we’re constantly searching out new issues to clear up! Email yours to mac911@macworld.Com, including display screen captures as suitable. Mac 911 can’t respond to—nor put up a solution to—each query, and we don’t provide direct troubleshooting advice. Understanding The Difference Between Computer Adware, Viruses, And Trojans. Holding your computer clean and loose from pc adware, viruses, and Trojans enables you to know the difference between them. Many pc customers mistakenly consider that their anti-virus software is not operating, best to find out later that their pc has to turn out to be inflamed with isn’t an epidemic at all, however a Trojan or adware software. Viruses, whilst still frequent, are byways the least commonplace of the 3.

A virus spreads on its own throughout a community or by inserting an infected CD, DVD, or floppy disk into the pressure. The most antivirus software program works first-rate to come across, easy, and prevent virus infections on the PC. While it is actual that Mac computer systems not often ever get viruses, PC’s don’t get them very frequently both. What is greater typically visible nowadays is referred to as spyware and Trojans, each of which affects Mac computer systems and windows, primarily based PCs, as nicely.

A Trojan is something it is taken its call from the mythological Greek Trojan horse due to the fact just like the Trojan horse within the mythology; a laptop Trojan is a software that is designed to appear to be something harmless while the real character is to do something completely extraordinary from what it seems to be. A high example of a pc Trojan is the many versions of “fake antivirus” products. The faux antivirus Trojan infections typically occur while the pc person is surfing the net and sees an advertisement window pop up with a commercial that does not mean a country that it is an ad adore it ought to, but as a substitute has a photo of what looks like an antivirus software telling the consumer that it has detected a plague infection on their device and telling the pc person to click on it to do away with the virus. Anyone who isn’t adept at spotting these sort of ploys or scams can be tempted to observe the instructions that they’re being given via the Trojan advertisement, and whilst they’re executed, they’ll have certainly just installed the Trojan software program onto their system themselves and come to be erroneously believing that their antivirus software program has failed them.

network connection priority

Adware, then again, is not as malicious as pc viruses or Trojans but can still hurt the computer’s capability. Many programs, including climate channel software programs, coupon printers, and different seemingly beneficial programs, are supplied by using the writer in both unfastened and paid versions. Weather reporting applications, for instance, still must be paid for by hook or by crook, so the writer offers them in a unfastened model to all and sundry that needs them; however, the unfastened version also installs extra gadgets onto the pc to show advertisements which they then get hold of a fee for displaying. These advertisements will commonly sluggish down the computer, interrupt what you are doing to show ads, and might purpose conflicts with different applications if they were poorly designed and examined, as is regularly the case.

Knowing the distinction among viruses, Trojans, and adware is best to step one in maintaining your pc lose from them and going for walks properly. The second step, which is frequently left out, is to install the right safety software further on your antivirus application to locate and dispose of the Trojans and adware have to it discover its way onto your pc. While there are many alternatives to be had, it is often beneficial to seek advice from your IT assist the group of workers or pc career center for suggestions as to which merchandise to apply and help you keep away from putting in an innocently appearing safety product this is actually a Trojan horse in disguise as something else.

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