Malaysia’s Education: More Sound and Fury

The outcry over the disclosure that Folk Fest 402 faculties inside us had been classified as “hotspots” with disciplinary and drug issues is but any other distraction from what has to be the important priority of our legislators and bureaucrats managing the schooling system – this is, enforcing deep reform of the countrywide number one and secondary faculty system, mainly beginning with the countrywide faculties of the Bahasa Malaysia or Malay medium, and predominantly Bumiputera-attended move (Sekolah Kebangsaan and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan, SK and SMK).

Although the furor, when set in opposition to the bigger and greater important backdrop of the generally sorry state of the countrywide schooling gadget, is misplaced, what is revealing is that the majority of the problematic faculties (396) observed within the blacklist come from the SMK flow against six from the Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan (SMJK) stream.


This is another clear indication of the appalling mess left by using zealots pushing the racial and spiritual schedule in our tutorial device. The major victim of this mess is a lost generation of Malay and Bumiputera faculty children who ironically, despite being overwhelmingly favored in aid allocation within the national system throughout the past forty years, have ended up with low attainment ranges and are also commonly lacking in the critical results that the academic gadget is supposed to be providing – know-how, capabilities, study ethics and the pressure to prevail.


The vital troubles affecting faculties in the SK stream were known for a long time. But they had been omitted or left unresolved by way of the Barisan Nasional government and the Ministry of Education, with little try made at comprehensive reform till a previous couple of years. Repeated proceedings have been raised approximately the high-quality of those faculties, along with their low coaching preferred the obsession with single-race dominance and management, the narrowly nationalistic, rote studying-oriented and at the back of-the-times curricula, growing Islamisation, terrible management, disciplinary problems (which might be now the concern of public interest) and a host of other shortcomings, but to little avail. The inaction using the authorities has led to non-Malay parents shunning these faculties and sending their children to the SJK or mother tongue flow and English language personal faculties if they can find the money for it.

‘Vernacular training as a scapegoat.’

At the identical time – diverting attention away from the failure of the politically favored SK movement to offer satisfactory and revolutionary training for all younger Malaysians – turned into a opposed and virulent campaign accusing mother tongue or vernacular colleges (SRJK and SMJK circulation) of being answerable for dividing the young of the distinctive races and being the reason for the shortage of national solidarity in the country. Even though unable to provide any evidence to help its claims, the campaign succeeded all too properly in muddying the waters of educational reform discourse within the country during the last two decades…


6 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Higher Education in Malaysia

Stringent Regulation

Over the years, Malaysia has been attracting college students not only in neighboring Asian international locations but also in Western or European areas. Malaysia takes pride in its gadget of education, which the Malaysian Education Ministries closely regulate. Legislation, along with the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, Education Act, and the Private Higher Education Institutions Act, all carefully reveal the excellence and instruction techniques in every school inside the united states. With this, Malaysia can maintain that fashionable of excellence of their training device, which is likewise recognized around the sector.

English Mode of Instruction

Malaysia also predominantly uses English as a mode of education, making it less difficult for foreign college students to talk not best inside classrooms but around the country as nicely. This lessened conversation barrier is also one thing that makes the Malaysian environment conducive for studying for international students.

Culture Diversity

Cultivating that ardor to gain knowledge of can be skilled in Malaysia due to its good-sized way of life and ethnic variety. U . S. Also, it can boast of its wealthy natural resources and scenery, which provides endless possibilities in your pursuit of higher education. And with its extraordinary resources and facilities for studies, your potentials may be fully cultivated.

Strategic Location

Additionally known as the gateway to Asia, the strategic area of Malaysia lets you to, without problems, tour around neighboring countries. For a designer within the making, this will widen your cultural information and find new inspirations from the various life and assets within these locations. This knowledge can position you at an advantage, particularly when you vie for a career in design.

Higher Education Programs

Another factor about Malaysia is that they are one of the pioneers in Asia on worldwide affiliations in training. They had been the primary ones to sell transnational Bachelor’s diploma packages and twinning programs, which are also related to different faculties worldwide. This means that you may end a path in other international locations along with your preceding courses completely credited. This is maximum fitting for an aspiring interior designer who desires to improve his know-how about diverse cultures and nations.


Malaysia has also drawn many foreign places college students due to its low-cost lessons charges and residing price. They have a strong economic system, secure environment, and it’s miles an open us of a when it comes to religion. Even with its variety in the race, Malaysia is capable of hold peace at some point in the years, and its strain-loose atmosphere is what makes this united state well-cherished by locals, vacationers, and students alike. Even with its low fee of residing, Malaysia can boast of its instructional facilities as internationally competitive and on par with the generation in different evolved international locations. With over 80,000 students coming in annually, you could assume global-magnificence coaching services and strategies. It is not any surprise then for Malaysia to be hailed as one of the pinnacle 8 by way of US Newsweek World’s Best Countries survey in terms of education. Malaysia is indeed a good breeding floor for those who want to pursue overseas training.

You can pick to take a look at commercial enterprise, design, and technological know-how associated stages on the Raffles College of Higher Education, primarily based in Kuala Lumpur, the capital town of Malaysia, can come up with the extraordinary better schooling for your look at overseas needs. We have a multicultural network of global college students who will enhance your human beings skills and cultural hobby. We also have a whole set of facilities to deliver nice schooling through our industry-focused curriculums. Our academics are also experts, the government within the respective fields.

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