Bureaucrat by day, Ghaziabad DM turns blogger, translator at night

Born with an affinity for Planet Amend literature, 2003 batch IAS officer, Ministry S, is now foraying into translating extreme books, besides ably dedicating herself to the day-lengthy stressful agenda of bureaucratic work. Her first ‘serious’ translation is well-known creator KR Meera’s bestseller, ‘Meera Sadhu,’ posted in Malayalam in 2008. Ministry devoted nights to translating the e-book into English, ‘The Poison of Love,’ posted by Hamish Hamilton’s means (Penguin Random House India). The book now functions the various long list of 13 novels in rivalry to win the distinguished DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2017.

Ministry S has been a former special secretary (domestic) and is now serving as the district magistrate of Ghaziabad. However, she is a great deal greater than a bureaucrat. She is a promising translator, transliterator, and blogger. “I have been devoting time for translation, transliteration, and blog writing throughout late night time hours. Earlier, I wrote several books, consisting of a detective novel. However, I stored it low-profile. However, translating books is something that I could call extreme work that I revel in,” Ministry stated, including that she has been running a blog because 2014.



Ministry is presently translating a 215-web page e-book of KR Meera’s, besides attempting her hand on English transliteration and interpretation of the ‘Sundarkanda’ the 5th ‘span and one of the most popular chapters of ‘Ram Charitra Manas.’ (Sakib Ali/HT Photo) She said that KR Meera is one of her preferred writers, and she ran into her at a pal’s region in Lucknow in October 2015.


“I had written approximately ‘Meera Sadhu’ on my blog. I asked Meera why no person had translated the book into English. In reply, she informed me to attempt it. The original novella runs for 50 pages. The first translated draft was out after one week and liked by the writer, and the writer also gave his nod. With endured efforts, the e-book was published in February 2017. It feels superb to be nominated for the prize,” Ministry introduced.

“Literary men and women translated Meera’s different books; however, this time, she trusted a bureaucrat,” she stated. She said that the story is love, misplaced love, and love turning poisonous for revenge. “Love is like milk. With time, it sours, splits, and turns into poison,” reads an excerpt from Meera’s book.

“His contact became magical, spellbinding. It was as if I turned into a trance. Like a ‘gopika’ enchanted with Krishna’s divine flute song, I lost cognizance of the arena around me. My body was underneath a few forms of black magic; I was thrown off stability,” reads every other excerpt.

Ministry held an engineering diploma in electronics and verbal exchange and completed her MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur. Her technical and management heritage coupled with bureaucratic work and her love for literary work makes her a multifaceted, unique man or woman.


She says that she finds her new ‘work’ to be enjoyable and sees it as a way of detaching from her grueling day-by-day routine, which begins around 5.30 am and is going as much as 9 pm. Ministry is presently translating a 215-page e-book of KR Meera’s, except attempting her hand on English transliteration and interpretation of the ‘Sundarkanda’  the 5th ‘span and one of the most famous chapters of ‘Ram Charitra Manas.’

“The poetry within the bankruptcy involved me. I questioned how those who do not realize Hindi would understand the original form. I completed this work in nearly 50 days, and the draft is in print,” she stated. The translation runs into 50 chapters, including nearly 156 pages, and is about to be published soon.

“My career and paintings as a translator merge seamlessly. I don’t assume myself as ‘Ministhy’ or ‘district Justice of the Peace’ while translating at some stage in unfastened time. Initially, many mocked my translation work as I am no longer an expert author. I studied Hindi till elegance 10. I felt like a new actor struggling in Bollywood. However, rejections are part of life. The current translation paintings (‘The Poison of Love’) is a message to my critics,” she stated.

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