Budget 2016: Mr Arun Jaitley, please make our tax benefits inflation-proof

article picSalaried employees frequently justifiably declare to be the taxman’s milch cow. unlike businessmen and professionals who’re able to claim tax exemption on numerous costs, salaried personnel have to pay a large sum as taxes which can be deducted at source by using the organization.

An worker can best get the advantages of a few tax exempt allowances. but, maximum of the exemption limits have no longer been revised for years, eroding the actual tax benefit.



For some allowances exemption limit has been revised upwards lately, however even that did now not fully remember the price of inflation. as an example, an exemption of transport allowance of Rs 800 in step with month existed from the financial yr 1997-ninety eight. The ultimate price range doubled it to Rs 1,six hundred in line with month. Given the exchange within the inflation index, this discern need to had been revised to at the least Rs 2,six hundred.

each 12 months, Rs 1.5 lakh is permitted for deduction under phase 80C (available for a huge variety of investments inclusive of PPF, NSC or compensation of housing mortgage). It become remaining revised for FY 2014-15 from Rs 1 lakh that existed on account that 2005-06. If inflation changed into taken into account, the revised cap have to have been Rs 2.17 lakh. Many other tax exemption limits haven’t visible any revisions for years (see chart).

The status Committee, which had tested the now defunct direct tax code (DTC), had endorsed revisions in some cases, along with a hike in exemption restriction for scientific repayment from the contemporary Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000. but, it had also recommended abolishing of go away tour Allowance (LTA).

There are different situations in our tax legal guidelines that still are not fair to the taxpayer. as an example, LTA for you and your circle of relatives is tax exempt (limited to the economy class airfare for the shortest direction to be had to your vacation spot). however, you can avail of LTA benefit simplest two times in a block of four calendar years, for journey within India. The exemption should be available for annual tour.

interest of as much as Rs 2 lakh per 12 months on housing loans is authorized as a deduction from ‘earnings from house assets’ – but with a trap. production must be completed in three years; else the hobby deduction is constrained to Rs 30,000 handiest. As this newspaper has written in the past, most housing initiatives are becoming not on time beyond three years and for no fault of taxpayers, their tax benefits are getting reduced notably.

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