7 Best Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog for Free

It isn’t always just sufficient for the health practitioner to be properly. It does rely on where the units of his exercise too, right? For any blogger, deciding on the quality of running a blog platform is almost as vital because of the content he is attempting to sell. This write-up is tailored for every person looking to begin a weblog at no cost. You would want to emerge with a fine blogging web page that is straightforward to use, readily customizable, and is simple to your reader’s eyes!

Thinking of voicing your opinion on the net? Or even trying to make a respectable earning simply via writing your opinions on the big net area? Well, there is an extensive range of unfastened blogging websites to be had that allows you to start a blog of the route; which excellent blog platform you select is absolutely as much as you and your necessities.

Listed down underneath are brief write-united states about the 7 first-rate running a blog system with a purpose to assist you in making a decision which one to select when looking to begin a blog at no cost.




Almost all to-be bloggers and current bloggers might have heard about WordPress throughout their running a blog adventure or at least for the duration of their research for the equal. One is bound to hesitate for a minute before selecting between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org on this day trip.

WordPress.Com is extra for customers seeking out unfastened running a blog website even as WordPress.Org calls for website hosting with the consumer’s aid; this means that you have to shell out a few bucks to make the maximum out of it. Still, it entitles you to have full possession of your blog.

Find out the pros and cons of the same and determine if it’s miles the high-quality blogging platform for you?


Very accurate content management machine.
WordPress.Org is an open supply website builder including for its flexibility.
Varieties of topics make it surprisingly customizable for bloggers. The benefit is actually more right here for WordPress.Org
Numerous loose plugins are available for WordPress.Org, offering you a first-rate range.
If you’re seeking to make a few earnings out of your running a blog, then you could continually go for WordPress.Org. It is one of the first-class running blog structures for e-commerce.
It gives you lots of scopes to study and enlarge. Some many boards and groups will help you along with the manner in case you discover it difficult.


Self-website hosting for WordPress.Org requires you to invest some money into it. But good day, the greater you’re equipped to make investments, the more benefits you can reap especially if you are using the blog as part of your business and now not simply as a hobby.
Limited plugins and designs are available for WordPress.Com but are still very tons at par with different running a blog platform.
It takes time to get the hang of all the capabilities before receiving maximum advantage and is, consequently, time eating and tough for a beginner.


The simple distinction that can be attributed to distinguishing between the 2 is the area call. If you’ve got noticed especially, one has an an.Org extension whilst the alternative has a.Com extension. Now the thriller starts! Go in advance and study the cool functions that make the two extraordinary from each different.

WordPress.Com: is more of a software provider primarily based organization which offers web hosting offerings at massive.

WordPress.Org: is more of an informative statistics box that contains information basically related to phrase press and its distinct elements.

WordPress.Com: Offers web hosting services absolutely free. The installation element is a chunk intricate although.
WordPress.Org: This provider is free and is greater of an open supply platform that gives a pleasant product to its users.


WordPress.Com: Not customizable. No personalized plug-ins or modification of source code allowed.
WordPress.Org: Customization made pretty feasible. Modification of source code is easy to derive first-rate advantages.

WordPress.Com: You need to pay for the elimination of those 1/3 party advertisements.
WordPress.Org: No such fee-fees required.


Though another famous running a blog platform, Weebly is now used as an internet site builder. With Weebly, you may have your weblog up and strolling very quickly.


Easy drag and drop option while growing website content, therefore, supplying a visual interface.
It offers you amazing ease of use. You need now not be tech-savvy to locate your manner around Weebly
Attractive design and layout choices
Not time eating, as it is straightforward to discover ways to move around it
Ideal for the one’s users trying to build small or simple websites
Free hosting offerings supplied for his or her sites
Has a platform constructed for e-commerce
Monetization. Weebly gives several alternatives in this place like AdSense, banner classified ads, and 1/3 birthday party codes.


Not an open supply website builder. It doesn’t provide an awful lot of flexibility as compared to the opposite gamers on the platform
There is a page restriction for the free and starter plans – five pages for the former and 10 pages for the latter. However, there are two enhancements from the starter plan available
Lacks in customization talents
It does not help extra plugins other than those which are already constructed in. Hence, there’s no option of installing more plugins of your choice
Not perfect for the ones looking to make sales, the usage of complicated websites



You might be supplied with a custom area call which is essential of the shape yourname.Blogspot.Com
It gives exclusive unfastened web hosting, and the publishing functions are all looked after with the website’s aid online itself.
If you are a novice, this loose blogging website is absolutely advocated for you because it gives an easy-to-use graphical interface with a little by little manner defined for the identical.


The centered blessings of bloggers are excellent. However, customization features are not so without difficulty available, and there may be a form of limited edition photos and subject matters for the identical.
Since it’s miles relatively clean to use, there may be handiest restrained or no type of assist offerings made available by using the website. However, you can search the internet for any help you want while you begin your own blog.


Tumblr has its own standing on some of the loose blogging sites. It is certainly an area that basically offers network-based total updates and posts alike and has a one forestall shop look with its photograph-lined galleries.

Listed underneath are some professionals and cons for you to help you differentiate it from the other first-rate blogging systems and develop clear information on which platform to select for your specific desires. Go in advance and deliver them a look.


Simple and minimalistic features coated with a splendid person interface that facilitates you to begin your very, very own weblog for your unique motive
Quite much like social networking sites, it’s miles as an alternative, a network-based website with remarkable photograph gallery on the line, which includes re-running blog capabilities, etc.
High quit top rate subject matters are available at an inexpensive charge aside from the low-cost website hosting features it offers. Starting a Tumblr weblog is, in truth, free!
Offering appealing apps for the special forms of smartphones at the circulate makes it an extraordinary alternative to many exceptional blogging systems.


Customization functions consistent with your needs are not yet made available for this considerable platform. This is a big downside to this otherwise terrific free-running blog web page.
Only limited widgets and alternatives are available for your users.


Constructing an incredibly potential internet site with greater functionalities is one particular aspect that is excessive in demand in the modern marketplace state of affairs. There is a diffusion of potential internet site developers for meeting your corresponding necessities, and Squarespace is one such loose running a blog platform that gives such delivered functionalities.

However, you would need to check out the nice and the bad elements earlier than concluding if it is fine running a blog platform.


It is straightforward to build and is pretty functional. The platform is, in fact, very comfortable to use.
User-friendliness and versatility factors are a lot excessive. Great issues are available for your users.
Full-time short help is available for all Squarespace users.
User stop updating isn’t required, and all updates of topics and plugins are performed on the server facet.


Not suitable for sophisticated and high give up customers who call for greater professionalism of the given design. Minimalistic design options are, however, available if you wish to select.
Premium programs are slightly beyond the cheap variety.
It isn’t an open supply platform.


When it comes to constructing your weblog via a general blogging platform, some of the offerings are available online, which offer equal for a lower-priced value. In this large competition, one that stands quite really worth bringing up is the Medium running a blog platform.

Listed beneath are quite a few execs and cons of concluding Medium as the high-quality blogging platform on your terrific blogging and enterprise wishes alike.


The target audience is quite right. Some splendid exposure is available in this form of platform.
It is simple to apply and is pretty consumer-friendly.
It boasts of a low-cost fee for website hosting functions and so on.
Typography is one element that you may be very positive about. Such content material looks first-rate right here.
The operation and upkeep are treated with the professionals’ aid, not to fear the regular updating duties.


The tough opposition is its first-rate disadvantage. The posted content material and stuff wishes to be fantastically one-of-a-kind and of tremendous general.
Customization functions aren’t to be had, and there are constrained on the number of themes you could choose from.
The exposure to the target market is constrained to the time duration of the work.
Designing isn’t always what’s exactly provided right here solely. It is greater of content primarily based website than a free-running blog website online.


Quite a brand new running a blog platform that got here into life inside the yr 2013, this local internet site has taken the net through the typhoon. It is one distinctive free-running blog platform that evolved completely for running blog functions. It stands pretty an appreciation for its distinct clean and rich content material and tremendous consumer revel in.

Listed below are a few capabilities which will help you determine the applicability of this running a blog platform designed to serve your precise commercial enterprise purposes at huge. Go in advance and take a glance!


1. It could be spotless to apply. The website is so consumer pleasant and is highly practical in all its components.

2. What makes it greater appealing is its splendid simplicity. It is incredibly bendy and is suitable for even naïve customers. It is in the high-quality call for use with the aid of all running blog beginners.

3. Abstraction is provided at an ultra-modern scale. The web page’s modulation is carried out, especially to shape the corresponding users’ diverse layout and content material needs.


It lacks actual users for this platform, and you could especially note that this platform continues to be inside the beta checking out phase of the checking out lifecycle.
Widgets and plug-ins are lacking in this platform which is quite a disadvantage compared to other comparable websites!
Being new to the market, this precise platform is missing in simple person evaluations on a larger scale.
Choosing the high-quality blogging platform for you is quite a crucial call to make. Weigh your requirements and abilities nicely to make a knowledgeable choice!

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