5 Fire Hazards You Might Have In Your House

Fire hazards are quickly becoming commonplace in most homes, and if not taken care of, fires can quickly start and spread within the home, destroying everything in its path. Ensure you have a safety system installed, something like a sprinkler system, and that there are multiple ways out of your home if there is a fire. It is important to keep certain precautions in mind and to know what to do if you are ever trapped in a situation where you may have to put a fire out in your home.

Fire Hazards

Cooking hazards are one of the most common ways in which fires can be started within the home. Unattended toasters or hotplates, stoves being left on, and books or other flammable material left near an open flame are a few of how a fire may start in the kitchen. This is very risky, especially if you have a gas cylinder instead of an electric stove, which is safer. Ensure that you keep flammable objects away from the stove, and make sure to get your stove and oven cleaned regularly, along with other appliances you may have in the kitchen.

Extension cords or power strips can lead to fires, especially when they are overused or have too many electronic appliances plugged into them. Overloaded power strips can spark, and if they are placed near flammable items like curtains, for example, a fire can quickly start within your home. It is important to make sure that you don’t overload the power strip and distribute the load evenly across the wall outlets you have in your home.

Ill-maintained electric systems are another leading cause of fires in the home. Wires that are frayed due to overuse or due to pets chewing on the wires are hazardous to have in the home can light the floor or rug on fire. Make sure to regularly get your wiring checked by a professional and get the wires replaced if they are frayed or overused.


Faulty home appliances can be another reason that fires can start. Old and defective home appliances tend to short-circuit and let sparks out, which can quickly result in a fire starting within your home. Make sure to get your appliances checked regularly to see if they’re in working condition and to get rid of these appliances if they’re faulty or if they’ve become too old.

Cigarettes are now one of the leading causes of fires starting in homes because smokers tend to stub their cigarettes in places where fires can start. One example of this is when someone chooses to smoke in bed, where the ashes of the cigarette can start a fire in the bedroom, or when a cigarette is stubbed in a wastepaper basket, which can result in a fire in the basket.

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