New Book Teaches Sales Practices That Lead to Success and Financial Freedom

Shirlene Reeves’ Selling Through Your Heart: Empowering You to Build Relationships for Financial Freedom goes past most income and enterprise books in providing sensible recommendation and examples for a way to find clients, get them interested, seal the deal, preserve them coming again, or even referring their buddies to you. After studying Shirlene’s personal story and her recommendation, you’ll discover your income growing, and more importantly, you’ll discover the self-growing meaningful relationships that make you happier due to the fact you are not simply getting cash but additionally making a distinction in your lifestyles and the lives of your clients.

Few books start with such dramatic openings as Selling Through Your Heart. Shirlene tells us briefly approximately her two marriages and how she constructed successful groups with both husbands, most effective one day to discover she changed into divorced and broke. Not having food for her youngsters, she discovered her status in the front of a dumpster that people were diving in to retrieve spoiling watermelons to eat. At that moment, she knew she could discover a manner to turn this example around.

Of course, she did, and it caused her to develop her very own enterprise-Signing Pro, Inc., the second-biggest notary file-signing enterprise within the nation, well worth multi-tens of millions and with 23,000 people running beneath her. Shirlene retired from that commercial enterprise after seventeen years, and now she coaches people in income for you to learn how to do what she did.


While Selling Through Your Heart is complete with sensible techniques, Shirlene also focuses on making yourself glad about the aid of first being on top terms with yourself. She gives us examples of how we will select what is proper for us, framing it as “deciding on peace or ache” while making decisions. Then she walks readers through what she calls the three Cs: Clearing, Clarity, and Confidence. The three Cs help you cope with you’re beyond and unresolved problems or feelings so you can focus your power on sales instead of your personal luggage.

Ultimately, the three Cs will help increase your self-belief, so you’re a better shop clerk. Shirlene explains, “The final intention of the 3 Cs is to get people talking approximately how plenty they love you. The regulations for conducting this goal are to mention nothing unkind about anyone, provide some time and expertise from the deepest recesses of your coronary heart, and apprehend that what you give to any other won’t be back by the equal individual. However, it will most usually come lower back to you in different sudden, superb ways.”

Now which you have you ever discovered, it’s time to determine out your clients. Shirlene walks the reader through a way to recognize and apprehend potential customers’ character sorts so you can discover ways to communicate with them in which they may be and replicate their language. She also teaches you a way to define your target market and reach out to it.


Of direction, networking is a big part of finding customers. Shirlene knows the disappointment many humans have with networking because it does not result in the consequences they need. She teaches readers how to locate the right networking groups and how to avoid those that aren’t helpful. At times, she is very straightforward in her tone, which I love; for example, she has no qualms approximately saying:

“Don’t give in to becoming a member of a set truly due to the fact your friends are there. In reality, it’s better in case your friends aren’t there. There’s no point in networking with your buddies. This is your commercial enterprise, not a get-together. Let pass of any or all networking organizations that have not contributed to your profits until you agree with you did not earn the income due to the fact you did not realize a way to sell and weren’t prepared.”

I also love her approach to coping with rejection. She knows that human beings are busy and can not usually commit right away for various motives. She’s gotten around this difficulty via getting to know that once someone tells her, “I can’t do that right now,” it is first-class to ask, “Is it no for now or no all the time?” If it’s no, for now, she can comply with them at a better time, even as if it’s no for all time, she will thank the character for being honest, after which be happy she did not waste her time pursuing the person similarly.

Finally, Shirlene offers her 3 Step Sales Waltz™. I might not provide you with all the steps here, but I promise that Shirlene waltzes us through those steps in a masterful way, full of the element. She provides scripts and examples for a way to initiate a communique with a client, after which she indicates us how to talk to customers in a knowledge way that specializes in wherein the patron is at in preference to just specializing in making the sale; this way, you won’t come off as pushy or scare off your customer; instead, you may construct a dating of agree with so that it will make your prospect greater inclined to dedicate.

Shirlene also has a sensible way of buying referrals. Not only does she ask her customers whether or not they could understand a person else interested by the equal carrier they just obtained, but she narrows down the opportunities by asking, “Do you recognize someone at your church?” or “Do you understand someone at your college?” By asking those more particular questions, the man or woman is capable of awareness on one organization of people at a time rather than attempting to find anybody she is aware of, handiest to answer you with a “No.”


The e-book’s final chapters move a long way past sales to training readers to reap monetary freedom and even the way to turn out to be movie star professionals the media will seek out. Shirlene is one in every of most effective 253 CFE Certified Financial Educators® in the kingdom, and she or he has more than 20-8 years of experience inside the monetary area, so she knows how to assist humans to invest and put their money into the best use after they make it. She’s additionally hosted her personal radio and TV Web indicates, so she’s informed approximately what the media is searching out for its visitor experts.

All these greater recommendations will most effectively enhance your career more as you learn how to promote yourself. There’s a good deal extra I ought to say about Selling Through Your Heart. Shirlene is without a doubt a master of the smooth promote, which has caused her private success. There are lots of books on income obtainable. Still, this one stands aside because it, without a doubt, teaches readers the way to join on a human stage, which results in an extra pleasing experience for each salesperson and the patron.

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