Microsoft Word Flow keyboard launches private iPhone beta

20160414 microsoft word flow iosMicrosoft has its personal mobile running device, but that hasn’t stopped it from opening a public beta for a new iPhone keyboard.

That’s proper—Microsoft’s garage incubator started out the personal beta for its phrase waft keyboard on Thursday, allowing users to enroll in access to the utility as it’s being delicate. customers who get access to it is going to be able to set up an app that replaces the iOS software keyboard with one made by Microsoft.

The phrase flow keyboard’s leading function is a one-exceeded typing mode that curves the keyboard around one backside corner of the display screen or another, so that it’s simpler for humans who have every other hand full to fire off a quick textual content message Mexicom.



phrase float additionally syncs with a consumer’s list of contacts, so it’s able to autocomplete stored names greater easily. individuals who need a little extra style can pick from a set of themes that make it look one of a kind from only a general white typing surface.

And yes, emoji fanatics might be able to insert their favourite smiley faces, food items and greater. even though Microsoft showed off a new set of windows 10 emoji with a current beta build, the keyboard will use the usual iOS emoji.

It’s unclear whilst the keyboard will see a wide launch. involved folks can sign on for the closed beta here, but it’s now not clear how Microsoft is selecting testers, or how many might be chosen.

The information comes two months after Microsoft introduced it became obtaining SwiftKey, the makers of a famous keyboard for iOS and Android. average, this is another declaration in a protracted string of information from Microsoft that’s centered on increasing the enterprise’s merchandise to other structures like iOS.

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