Galactic Federation of Light Review

Let’s be real; we never get out of arcade games. The absolute joy of playing a game where the character keeps running, or in this case, flying to an endless destination, and we are given the honor of making sure that their journey is smooth is a trope people would never get over.

The Galactic Federation of Light perfectly expresses this by giving us a game where we must clear the way for the astronaut character to travel to their destination while also collecting bonuses along the way.

A traditional 3D space combat simulation with a proprietary 100% dynamic destruction engine enables you to accurately destroy and burn through your opponents’ onboard systems and armor exactly where you hit them with blasters—Developed by a lone person.

A single man has always been responsible for creating the game engine from inception. These remaster were extensively redesigned and reworked to make the demolition physics robust and scalable for future games with a high degree of detail. A 2004 game has been remastered here.

Galactic Federation of Light Review

Galactic Federation’s controls and overall feel are similar to space simulation icons like XWing and Freespace, so veterans of the genre will feel right at home.

Unlike previous games, Galactic Federation adds additional levels of immersion and depth to the gameplay. Unlike in other games, the ship is not destroyed by hit points.

Your accuracy in this situation is crucial. The enemy ship will burn a hole in its hull exactly where you struck it, which could cause ship parts to be realistically pulled away or ship sub-systems to be immersed in the melted volume. If you take out the target’s cockpit, it’s game over. It will flee for its life if you take away its shield. If its power generator is destroyed, it will use up any excess energy and start rotating hopelessly. It will move more slowly if its engine is struck. Don’t let the enemy deplete your shield since the same thing could happen to you.

You may move with six degrees of freedom, and the high thrust Newtonian physics you experience is modified for intense combat dynamics. Your ability to control power will be extremely important when you target an attack. You can change how much energy is distributed across the engines, shields, and blasters. Once in the lock, missiles can be fired at their intended target, but the rocket will miss if the inertial vector difference is too great. With practice, you will improve. You can strafe and activate free vector mode, which causes your ship to continue moving in a sideways or backward direction. There are many controls, most of the keyboard’s keys are functional, and everything can be changed.

Game controllers are not currently supported. Although not necessary, a joystick is advised for the best targeting, as keyboard arrows work just as well. HOTAS is supported, but I would want audience testing comments. There is no targeting assistance in this game. Flight for mice is not supported. Remember that this particular flight mechanic requires good aim. You wwillenjoy this if you enjoy XWing or Freespace. New players can choose a lesser difficulty setting, increasing their ability to withstand hostile fire.


Over 4.5 million years ago, the Galactic Federation of Light was established to stop interdimensional evil powers from enslaving and exploiting this galaxy. Just over 200,000-star nations, confederations, or unions now have members. About 40% of them are humanoids, and the remaining 60% are different kinds of sentient entities. The majority of the Galactic Federation’s inhabitants are fully conscious entities. Every inhabited galaxy in our universe is part of a galactic federation.

What stage is the Early Access version in right now?

Early access to the following features:

– Combat in the fighter-to-fighter dogfight game is based entirely on destruction (as shown in the trailer).

– 15 dogfight missions, each with approximately 100 fighters engaged in simultaneous combat lasting about 10 minutes.

– Choose one of the ten warriors to command a mission from a selection of a few blaster weapon options.

– Rude sound effects and graphic effects

– Scalable Controls.

How come the Galactic Federation of Light allow Early Access?

Now that the game’s primary gameplay concept is finished, it’s time to let people enjoy it, try it out, and—if necessary—provide feedback. I’m focusing my full attention on the game, and I’ll see that the finished product is polished and delivered on time.

How will the Early Access and full versions differ from one another?

Features that will be present in the complete release but are absent from early access include:

– Missions involving capital ships in campaign mode.

– Serious conflicts involving capital ships and hull destruction.

– Additional missions

– Additional sound and visual effects.

– Modding equipment.

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