Debunking three Common WordPress Myths

As the most important and maximum extensively used content management machine (CMS) on the net, it has to come as no wonder that human beings are constantly seeking to convey WordPress down. Naturally, some WordPress myths have been conjured up over time. To be nicely informed, you need to make certain you understand how to separate fact from fiction.

WordPress: The Leading CMS Platform on the Web

WordPress isn’t the best CMS around, but it genuinely blows the competition out of the water in phrases of adoption and enchantment. Just consider the platform’s popularity: As of final remember, WordPress powers more than 26 percent of the web and has a whopping 59.4 percentage marketplace percentage, which makes it the most used CMS platform. More than 500 websites a day are created on the WordPress platform. There are 44,225 WordPress plugins, which have been downloaded extra than 1.25 billion instances. WordPress is translated into 56 specific international languages. These are just a few of the striking records factors. When you dig into the nitty-gritty of WordPress, it becomes clear that that is one of the most advanced CMS systems on the web. But alongside this name comes a target. When you’re the quality, people want to rip you down. And whilst they couldn’t tear you down, they in to bending the fact or making things up altogether.


Don’t Fall for These three WordPress Myths. In order to be an informed website developer, entrepreneur, or enterprise owner, you want to be cognizant of the truth that the internet is packed with myths concerning WordPress. Here are 3 of the maximum common myths about WordPress:

Myth #1: WordPress Isn’t Scalable

Somewhere along the line, a myth has been perpetuated that WordPress isn’t scalable. Some humans consider a platform that’s handiest perfect for small blogs and tiny commercial enterprise websites. However, this sincerely isn’t true. If you examine the records, you’ll see that WordPress is anything. However, a CMS is designed completely for small websites. Just ask celebrities and groups who regularly rely on WordPress for their websites.


Musicians like Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, and The Rolling Stones all use WordPress. From the commercial enterprise facet of things, groups like Bacardi, Sony Music, Mercedes Benz, The Rotary Club, and the New Yorker Magazine are WordPress customers. One of the number one motives why massive agencies and types use WordPress is that it’s miles scalable. Not most effective is the hunt, caching, and content material delivery skills top-notch; however, there’s also proper horizontal scalability. This permits websites with high site visitors’ demands to continually have enough architecture on-demand if they need it.

But certainly, the concept that WordPress isn’t scalable is ridiculous. “With the proper infrastructure, offerings, and sources, WordPress is distinctly scalable,” Pragmatically explains. “It can serve tens of heaps of logged-in users at a time and supply loads of millions of monthly web page views. It can process page requests right now and can produce lightning-short results to search queries. It is flexible, upgradeable and in the end can electricity all manner of web sites, right up to the biggest and most visited.”


Myth #2: WordPress Doesn’t Come With Support

The second maximum famous fantasy is the idea that WordPress doesn’t offer appropriate aid. Again, that is absolutely unfounded. There’s clearly a ton of guides to be had for WordPress customers, even though it comes via diffusion of channels. There is no assistance available directly from WordPress (out of doors of lots of instructional materials and assist publications). However, there’s a strong network with heaps of users inclined and able to answer questions other customers have. The help and statistics are there. Users have to be inclined to ask. Additionally, there are actually hundreds of smaller WordPress and developer groups available for support of troubles of any type. The delusion that WordPress doesn’t provide customer support might be rooted within the idea that there is no aid over the cell phone from an enterprise. Remember that WordPress is an open supply venture, which means you don’t respond to a single aid branch to help!

Myth #3: WordPress is Too Complicated to Learn

It’s time to recover from the parable that WordPress is an over-complex CMS platform that you may research without getting a 4-year degree in internet development and coding. The fact is that WordPress is a few of the simplest, even as Drupal and Joomla are typically taken into consideration to be some distance greater tough. You can get commenced running on WordPress within days of studying a way to use it! That’s because you really don’t need any HTML or programming understanding to get started (it helps, but it’s no longer a demand). It is, however, crucial to select up understanding approximately PHP and HTML for you to customize themes, templates, plugins, and other elements of your WordPress websites. WordPress is intuitive on its own, but the reality is that there’s the sort of big base of users manner there are masses of assets, courses, and courses available online. If you actually need to end up talented at WordPress, you may do it!

WordPress: The Leader for a Reason

Is WordPress perfect? Absolutely now not. Does it have flaws and shortcomings? You guess. But there’s a motive WordPress is taken into consideration as the leading CMS platform. Whether you’re presently searching around for a CMS platform to run your commercial enterprise website, or you’re actually doing a little research as a current WordPress person, be cautious about what you study and wherein you devour records. Anyone could make something sound actual on the net, and it’s as much as you to affirm the validity of positive statements before considering them to be a truth. WordPress is a frontrunner in this place for a reason. If you want a scalable platform with enough guides and an easy-to-analyze interface, this is the platform for you.

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