China’s Automobile Industry – Insight Into Vehicles and Parts Market

In 2007, vehicle sales witnessed a first-class yr in China. After the melancholy in 2005, the auto marketplace step by step develops with a prospective tendency: the income of medium and excessive grade passenger automobiles and urban SUV will hold excessive boom; business passenger vehicle industry may also steadily develop; however, the general increase rate of commercial freight automobiles will decrease, and the opportunity lies in products upgrading and export.

Affecting and helping elements in 2008

In 2008, car enterprise will face affecting factors consisting of electricity-saving environmental policy, levying of petroleum tax, unification of home and overseas agency taxes, excessive-rate petroleum and development of latest energy and many others. Thus automobile sub-industries will face new possibilities and demanding situations.

Formation of a brand new purchaser group and the apparent intake of improving fashion are the backgrounds for a regularly developing passenger cars marketplace, even as GDP, repair asset investments, and new rural production factors are the assisting commercial freight elements automobiles stable boom. Demographic dividend, tourism boom, and throughway expansion are the forces to maintain commercial passenger automobiles’ consistent improvement.

In the automobile industry, there are passenger cars as discretionary consumer products and industrial motors with capital items cause. Each branch industry will go through an improvement level wherein opportunity and challenges co-exist; in the meantime, the leading firms of car components will even have strong possibilities. Therefore upstream main vehicle elements merchants inside the car enterprise chain will include an excessive-speed development degree.

Growth numbers

Presently the average according to to-capita vehicle variety is three automobiles per 100 persons in China. According to the world over everyday automobile popularizing stage department, China is in the “early stage of motorization.” Nevertheless, due to special urban-rural twin shapes in China and the unique development degree between urban and suburban districts, in step with-capita, auto quantity is twenty cars according to hundred folks in tier one towns, in which the auto intake is in a “level of motorization.” It is envisioned that most cities of China will remain at this stage for a long period.


As of October 2007, car income reached 7 150,000 cars in China; a yr-on-year collected growth of 24%. Among this variety, passenger car sales have been 5,079,400, with 12 months-on-12 months amassed boom of 23.75%, at the same time as commercial cars sales had been 2,070,000, with a year-on-12 month’s accumulated growth of 25.14%. Firstly, permit’s examine the short-term sales fashion of numerous vehicle types.

Since 2002, passenger motors’ annual sales have gone the million line in China, attaining a high-velocity boom for 5 years. At the cease of 2007, it’s far estimated that income will reach six million motors. Considering first-rate monetary difference among China areas, the principal improvement engine for the automobile enterprise is the present customer’s replacement demand and new user’s first buying call.

Passenger motors

Brand opposition among passenger vehicles is fierce. Currently, passenger cars manufacturers overall approximately 340 in China, and the once a year common income consistent with logo is 17,000 this 12 months, a 12 months-on-12 months lower to 45% for passenger cars manufacturers. The reason is that passenger vehicles marketplace exhibits emblem disease and immoderate small organizations, which is also associated with passenger cars’ consumption feature in China.

Because of the automobile enterprise’s intake section, passenger cars have an incomparable marketplace capability to the buses and freight automobiles. In the automobile section, we think high-grade emblem sales can be stable, whilst competing in the medium-grade marketplace may be energetic. New-generation car customers will warmly obtain fashionable fashion and excellent dynamic performance cars, but the spring for low-grade financial automobiles still needs time.

Replacement call-for-pushed customers are less sensitive to the fee and petroleum cost; rather, they are more conscious of the brands’ adulthood and overall performance. Therefore, this demand can be for medium and high displacement passenger automobiles. The patron organization for first automobiles is aged 30, favoring fashionable and dynamic style, so it is envisioned that city SUVs and medium-grade motors will be the foremost intake.

SUVs and MPVs

Improved enjoyment fashion SUVs will hold the high-velocity increase, which is little affected by petroleum price and tax elements, and many others. According to the mature automobile market facts, the market share of SUVs keeps growing. As the automobile demand freeing and buying capacity regularly growing in 2nd and 3rd-tier towns, SUVs can have new increase spots.

An MPV combines family and commercial enterprise purposes, which blurs the line between discretionary client merchandise and capital items. In this yr, the growth fee of MPVs will exceed the common boom price of the passenger automobiles industry, but we recollect its ability is less than the SUVs marketplace. Currently, a few automobile enterprises invest in MPVs, so we accept as true with own family-style MPVs will occupy some marketplace percentage of the circle of relatives passenger cars.

Commercial motors

In the segmentation of business automobiles, the fashion to getting “heavy” is plain. Heavy cars, instruct and heavy tonnage with semi-trailers relatively expanded faster than different segments of industrial vehicles. Among commercial automobiles, freight vehicles’ cyclicality is exceedingly long, and the bus enterprise steadily develops with income growth nearly retaining 20% in step with annum.

Commercial freight motors shall gain from destiny factors together with GDP of China growing at above 10%, continuing excessive growth in fixed asset investments, also, enlargement of weight-based totally fees, growing freight automobile demand from new rural construction among cities and villages, and export marketplace commencing for leading corporations. In well-known, business automobiles will preserve approximately 10% boom, due to the booming of heavy automobiles industry this 12 months.

However, general income growth next year will be much less than the current 12 months on PCP. The sales structure of heavy vehicles can be similarly changed. The larger proportion of excessive strength and massive capacity heavy motors and the export of high-grade vehicles are envisioned to amplify further. In destiny, two growth spots for the truck enterprise could be big capability, power-saving heavy vehicles, and the export market.

Bus enterprise continues constant growth. Due to the big populace of China and avenue of passenger transportation quantity increasing, the alternative of sightseeing buses has come to be one of the driving forces for bus industry development. Similar to the truck industry, buses, as a segment of business motors, is famous among foreign importers due to their excessive rate/performance, and now mainly exporting to areas including Middle-East and Cuba.

There is still a widespread automobile generation between China and European and American mature markets, so it is hard to export buses to the devolved nations. Automobile industries in developing countries are fantastically behind, but with transportation calls for increasing, it must be useful to export the industrial vehicle of China. Export price consistent with the car is better than that in the home industry, which can help improve producers’ gross profit.

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