Battery Tips for Your IOS7

Battery Tips for Your IOS7

“Curse you, iOS7!” as my fumble fingers seek for an outlet to resuscitate my iPhone5. This put-up maybe a little dated. I have purposely waited. I was hoping a new update, tip, SOMETHING could clear up my battery’s quick lifespan. I am running on more popular than ever because Steve Jobs exceeded away (RIP my genius). Apple went to hell in a handbasket (something my mom might say). However, I may be quiet no longer. I actually have tried every “tip” accessible, handiest to be caught, commonly within the middle of nowhere (that is, anywhere without an outlet) without a battery, no smartphone, no lifeline. This post of rage will move over the obvious battery-saving features if you haven’t tried them. I, for one, have no longer found these to be the answer. But we all need to begin somewhere, so right here it is going.

1. Do Less-Battery-Intensive Things

Really? Yes, that is one of the guidelines touted with the aid of tech writers everywhere. Why actually have an iPhone? But, if you restrict speaking time on the smartphone (now not cool), movies, video games, and internet browsing will assist. Also, limit battery -in-depth apps (greater at the worse apps for battery life later this week).

2. Turn off Equalizer

In case you did not note, the tracking app has an equalizer, a good way to modify bass, treble, and many others. Your music enjoyment might also go through by turning this off, but you will store battery existence. When I first study this, I idea “no way”! Then I went to check my settings. I didn’t have it on anyway, so there ya move!

Find it in Settings -> Music -> EQ -> Tap offBattery

3. Turn Bluetooth Off

We love our Bluetooth, in particular, while driving; however, it’s far a battery drainer. Turn off Bluetooth, besides when you’re using it; this can assist enlarge battery existence.
Please find it in Settings -> Bluetooth -> Move Slider to Off

4. Turn Off 4G/LTE

How happy had we been while we heard LTE become coming? Needless to say, all proper deeds do now not go unpunished. Not noticeably, the usage of 4G LTE requires greater battery life. I realize this is hard, but if you use 3G ( you understand what we couldn’t wait to escape from), it will assist your battery existence. Even downsizing from LTE to 4G will help. Of course, you may need your battery because everything takes two times as long.

Find it in Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Slide Enable LTE to Off at the iPhone 5 or more recent.

5. Keep Wi-Fi Off

Wi-Fi is another form of excessive-speed community that your iPhone can connect with. It is quicker than 3G; however, you’re restrained to wherein there’s a hotspot. As with the Bluetooth, maintaining the Wi-Fi on with the hopes of locating a hotspot will drain your battery. Have it on handiest whilst you are the use of it. Just don’t forget, or your records plan will skyrocket.

Find it in Settings -> WiFi -> Slide to Off

6. Turn Off Location Services

A very exceptional characteristic of the iOS7 is an integrated Gps. But of the route, it drains the battery. Shutting it off maybe trouble while you need it quickly, but it’s going to save battery existence.

Find it in Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Slide to Off

7. Prevent vehicle replacement of Apps.

IOS7 will automatically update your apps for you. This is a perfect character a good way to reduce battery existence. Yep, could you do it manually?

Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Updates -> flow slider to off/white

8. Turn Data Push Off

Sorry, no more comfort of getting the entirety there for you while selecting up your cell phone. Reduce how frequently your phone connects to the community to store your battery.

Find it in Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Fetch New Data -> Slide to Off

9. Fetch Email Less Often

This is related to the above tip. Once your records push is set to off, restrict your obsessive checking of email. ( I regard myself here).

I understand, I realize–why to have a phone if we ought to limit our compulsion to check e-mail. I agree.

Find it in Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Fetch New Data -> Select Your Preference

10. Turn on Auto-Brightness

Please find it in the Settings app -> Brightness & Wallpaper -> Auto-Brightness On.

11. Reduce Screen Brightness

Taking it a step further, you could manipulate how vibrant the display screen will go along with this slider. Of path, the much less bright, the less drain. Sigh, now where is my flashlight when I need it.

12. Stop Motion

iOS7 has an exciting feature growing a parallax impact. It could be very subtle. If you examine your apps while transferring your iPhone, they will seem to transport break away every different, as if on specific planes. Of course, this option takes out of your battery lifestyles.

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion -> move slider to inexperienced/on

13. No extra Dynamic Backgrounds

Another neat function brought in iOS 7 is a wallpaper that moves underneath your app icons. It is located inside the Wallpapers & Backgrounds menu. No want to change it except you brought the dynamic history. The default is off. Please find it in the Settings app -> Brightness & Wallpaper.

14. Prevent Background App Refresh (iOS 7)

Although I recognize iOS7 clean my apps while wanted, it additionally sucks your battery! So, even though pleasant to have, it’s far first-rate to turn it off.
Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh -> Either disable the Background app definitely or only for positive apps.

15. Quicker Auto-Lock

Time for sleep toddler: naptime can come faster for your iPhone, a good way to assist battery existence. This hurts me to attend an extra 2nd. But I wouldn’t say I like the dead battery blues.

Find it in Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock -> Tap your Preference

16. Buy an Extended Life Battery

If all else fails, get an extra battery. A few accent makers like mophie and Kensington offer prolonged existence batteries for the iPhone. I may be taking the last concept. I sense as if I even have attempted the entirety, and my iPhone is becoming unreliable. I have invested in many new chargers; in no way travel to non-outlet areas (you will be surprised at what I will do to discover an outlet and to what period). Nevertheless, I find myself without my telephone. I actually have any other tip, perhaps any other smartphone! But I do like apple merchandise. Or used to.

P.S. I was punished for his publishing- now my digicam isn’t working!! Curse you once more, iOS7!!!!!

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